I should have started earlier. The circadian rhythm has been great, yet with no Vyvanse today, I’ll already yawning and it’s only 10 til 11. Well, I guess that is kind of late.. I should start writing earlier. Tomorrow will be off too, I called CVS yet their shipment did not come in. Gladly, the Vyvanse is ‘one-day effect’ kind of pill, so as soon as I am refilled, I should be right back in pace.

Oh, one thing about yesterday- a boring day I said. I had forgotten about the piece of neighborhood excitement. A person in the Family Dollar parking lot had some engine issues with their car. It keep revving at high speed. I had heard it through the windows and just ignored it. A minute or two later, there were a serious of loud crashes. I couldn’t see much from my doorway, so a little later I walked over to the store, one to buy a soda, and two to ask for the detail.

Apparently, the person with the car issues couldn’t figure out how to make their car stop revving, so after a while they just gave up and put it in gear and the car instantly ripped backwards across the lot and rear-ended a large truck- pushing it several feet. Then, in response to that, the driver put the car in drive and shot forward, over the curb and sidewalk, across the street and straight down a residents driveway and slammed into their garage at full speed. Then, reversing again, sped back down the driveway and into telephone pole that stopped the car while it was still revving at full speed.

By this point, the driver began having a medical issue and gladly several nearby people jumped in to help- one literally jumped in the car (and made sure to turn it off!) A while later an ambulance came and I can only hope the person is okay, everything else can be fixed.

No excitement like that today. I woke up as usually and kept to the routine. Lot’s of Facebook today, mostly a lot of back and forth with one of our current Mayoral candidates, John Wilson. John is a really great guy, I’m not sure if he’s ‘mayor material’ though, at least not the way I see the job. We have a non-partisan city government, and I think it should be filled with a non-partisan person.

I’m not sure if it was the back and forth on Facebook, yet the morning did seem to go faster (which makes me think about the concept of time, and how Vyvanse seems to affect mine.) I ate breakfast timely, yet seemed to delay on lunch. By time I decided to make lunch, I realized I was out of bread and, well, nothing looked good. Then, an amazing idea came to me: Coneys!

One day, I’ll be back to a budget that allows me to eat out more often (read, breakfast out every day, usually lunch, and sometimes dinner.) Do you know how many dishes it takes to cook and eat every meal at home? I’m literally dirtying every dish in just a few days.

Good to get out again, Virginia Coney Island is such a Jackson staple, I always run into someone there. Today, I got to chat with the owners, both friends of mine. They were already at the end of their day and resting in a back booth, and I was able to fill them in on my latest medical diagnoses. So far, everyone seems to think my “Theory of Mind” issues are pretty interesting… I guess.

I’ve been working on stretching out my left hip the last few days, even when I’m just sitting in my chair, I try to find a position to force my left femur out as wide as possible. It might be helping a little bit.

Okay, short post, I’m tired. Till tomorrow.

Time to rest.

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