Took puppy to class today; he was very good, could not have be better (enjoyed many pets in the hallway, then napped on his blanket at my side for the entire class.)

My doctor, after a message on Friday and two calls today, sent a prescription for Oxycodone, with Tylenol; and set new appointment for Friday- he always wants to set an appointment after I tell him I’ve had a major recovery step.

All this time, why hadn’t he ever called me with a coming milestone? Oh well, life goes on. Soon I’ll see him just annually again. I’m sure he’ll only ask about my blood pressure and stuff, nada about my joints, nerves, or recovery from 18 months of atrophy. We’ll see.

May be going online/offline, maybe we’ll call it a vacation. I know why I hurt, mystery solved, I do not need to feel my pain any longer. After first class with puppy I got the Rx filled. Emailed succinctly to professors of remaining classes, I’ll be absent.

No classes or appointments tomorrow. Will be in bed all day stretching. Taking Soulless outside and for a walk or two around the block. A quarter mile seems to be about his limit, and mine.

I can walk properly now, my legs are the same length, I feel as straight and tall as I’ve ever been. However, these muscles have been dormant- laying unused, unstimulated, and disconnected from my brain- shriveled and weak, they are responding well now. My brain doesn’t trust the left side though, protecting it and pushing my weight to the right.

This pain is earning growth now, my body is recovering. The pain is currently dulled. I have to teach my brain it’s okay to use my foot again, it’s timid. I’ve trained it too hard to walk other ways, remembering the old way is hard. Tonight, while Soulless was outside on his chain, I had a knock at the door.

He was very good with strangers in the yard (and with the mail lady again too… work to be done,) as they asked my about the three wheel bike. Their timing was great as I’m no longer in need. I told them my story and cost and we found a reasonable solution for their situation- I’d much rather have the cash.

Soulless has spent most the entire day at my side. He seems to like that and so do I. Sometime we have played, sometimes we walked, sometime we practiced tricks and games (learning disguised as playing.) When he’s on his blanket, he lays down and gnaws his bone. He seems very content.

I’m starting to add hand gestures as silent commands and he’s catching on quickly. Not all of them, so far come and lay down. Come is also being trained with a finger snap, which works perfectly with the gesture, a three fingered lowered pinch as if I’m holding a treat (as I always was just a few days ago and am always overflowing with love and cuddles.)

Ideally, I want him to hear the word “come” and think he’s just won a jackpot. No matter what’s going on, when he hears that’s he’s just got to come to me to cash in on his prize that is always better than whatever theoretically (or literal,) squirrel he’s chasing.

Oh had a massage yesterday. Asked for one hour, but there wasn’t enough time. With both masseuses available, I was offered four hands for thirty minutes. Will likely get another massage tomorrow. While drugged. A deep massage.

Time to rest.

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