The thoughts expressed on this website are my own on the date they were written.  I may no longer agree.

I reserve the right to learn from my mistakes and edit typographically or repost with my changes.

Edits and corrections to past writing are secondary to ongoing writing, some less than good results remain.

Content written past January 8, 2022 is written by a person diagnosed with some degree of brain injury.

All opinions are equally valid and heard if honestly given, even if contrary to another equally qualified opinion.


For example of the last disclaimer: my youngest son has a long horizontal faint scar across his cheek from a cat scratch, for that much his mother and I agree. However my story is that he got it when he was maybe five or six days old – perhaps even the first night he came home, fix or six weeks at the most – when he was sleeping in his bassinet at the bedside and our cat Siesta Key leapt from tall mirror above a dresser into the bassinet scratching him.

Having shared that story with him, he went to confirm it with his mother and found a different story of his scar that occurred when he was two – absolutely firmly toddling and not in a bassinet.  Which is the correct story? Both. I cannot tell hers and she cannot tell mine and my son is confused. Two interested and contemporaneous witnesses would both honestly swear to different events. What is a reader to deduce? My son has a faint scar on his cheek caused by a cat when he was young.

The potential of this situation repeating has now been disclaimed.

As that is part of the freedom of this site and of the journey I’m on. I could be wrong and that is okay.  I’m going to write and publish everyday anyway. Discovered errors may be edited (and noted as such) and alternate qualified opinions may be submitted for guest authorship and linked for inclusion. I also encourage comments on the websites facebook page where each