Month: December 2022

A cold start

 Jeromy  December 31, 2022  0 Comments on A cold start

I did not get out of bed quickly, I stayed in place protecting the small amount of heat I had been able to generate in…

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Texas roads

 Jeromy  December 30, 2022  1 Comment on Texas roads

Not a long day; and actually, it went by quick. I didn’t do as much today as I thought I might, or should.. or could…

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Setting up camp.

 Jeromy  December 29, 2022  0 Comments on Setting up camp.

I want to say “what a long day” yet it seems like I’ve said that already! I was able to set up the tent in…

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I have arrived!

 Jeromy  December 28, 2022  0 Comments on I have arrived!

What a long day. Even as I begin, I already want to lay down and rest. And I haven’t even found my air mattress yet,…

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Not how I planned.

 Jeromy  December 28, 2022  0 Comments on Not how I planned.

Another early start I said.  Well.. I disagreed this morning I guess, as I sat in bed and relaxed an extra hour before heading to…

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Four states, four days.

 Jeromy  December 27, 2022  0 Comments on Four states, four days.

Four days of driving and just past half way there I would say.  The progress was slow the first day or two in the midst…

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The luxury of time(change).

 Jeromy  December 26, 2022  0 Comments on The luxury of time(change).

Christmas Day 2022. Unlike any other Christmas, ever. When I was young, Christmas morning memories are with my mom and family. At the time her…

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Informed consent.

 Jeromy  December 24, 2022  0 Comments on Informed consent.

At some point, I think I need to start explaining some of the things I write, else I fear, someone might read all that I’ve…

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On the road.

 Jeromy  December 23, 2022  1 Comment on On the road.

I was hoping for an earlier start, however.. it’s all done now. Packed, in the car, waiting to finish this post, and hoping my car…

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Recovery Day

 Jeromy  December 22, 2022  0 Comments on Recovery Day

Or is it relapse day? Switch Vyvanse for Oxycodone for two days, and the pain seems dulled, as it is. Yet my tolerance for pain…

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