Texas roads

Not a long day; and actually, it went by quick. I didn’t do as much today as I thought I might, or should.. or could I suppose, I just went at my own pace and kept moving.

This morning, my mind was not nearly as easily fooled with the thought of tea and I laid in bed.. in mummy bag, in tent.. for a few extra minutes. Okay, let’s talk about that mummy bag. It’s warm, adequate to below zero it says. However, it is not below zero, it’s not even been below fifty.

Which is great, except that my mummy bag had turned itself into a sauna. I was dripping with sweat this morning, and the bottom of the bag soaked. It’s a good thing I brought a few of my favorite blankets that couldn’t be left behind. The mummy bag now hanging to dry and my air mattress bed now made with blankets for tonight.. hoping to find the goldylock zone.

Next in my mind were my bandages; seven day coverings set in place by the surgeon. As I’ll not be going back for checkups (now with no insurance again,) I know there is noting more important than wound care. The last thing I want is an infection with a pathway into my bones.

After getting the hard work done today, I showered before heading into town and for the first time was able to remove my bandages and inspect the incisions. They haven’t hurt at all, just itchy sometimes, and I have to remember it to scratch my staples. Eleven staples on the left, ten in the right.

I’ve got another week to modify my needle-nose pliers to double as staple removers; I’m very glad the nurse in Lakeland showed me how the removers work (and even let me remove some myself.) Also, at some point I should write a letter to my doctor, to explain my upcoming absences.

After my shower with a very good soapy gauge gently scrubbing on my snow uncovered wounds, removing all the adhesive from the surgical covering, rinsing, and patting dry, I doused each side with alcohol, and covered again with fresh bandage. I bought a box at the local H.E.B. (grocery store in Mathis) so I’ll have enough to change every three days for a week or two.

Noticeably, there was no scabbing at either incision and the right side does have some swelling along the length of it, welted up a quarter inch or more. No pain though, no tenderness, so I think it’s fine. In any case, they’re clean and covered and out of my mind for three more days.

I knew I wanted to shower before I went in twin for lunch, and also I wanted to shower after getting the hard stuff done this morning. Which actually, there wasn’t much, even though I spent a while doing it. With camp set, next I wanted to clean up.

Did I just say that? Well, it wasn’t messy, yet in opening packages of new gear there were a few boxes, cut zip ties lying around, some things just seemed out of place, and my car, oh my car was a mess. I am truly amazed at how much I managed to pack into it – in true Tetris style – and none of avalanched into my clear drivers area. Also, I didn’t have to dig anything out from the bottom in the way.

Once I got here though, that was a different story; everything had to be dug out and setup. Which resulted in a great camp site, and a very messy car. I tried vainly to re-organize it in place, then gave up and emptied it out onto the grass. Resorted (need now, need later) and repacked my truck and backseat, leaving me both front seats for normal use.

While in the car and cleaning, I also ending up permanently mounting my new CB radio. I would hope everyone knows I much prefer the HAM bands, especially 2m simplex, however there simply isn’t much traffic there. CB however, is a non-stop barrage of mindless chatter, so I picked up a cheap one at some truck stop on the way down. At that time (still someplace with snow) I just gave a quick install, the radio just sitting into the pile of other stuff in the car, wired to the cigarette lighter.

Since I had the time (and it was sprinkling for a few minutes) (and working while sitting sounded good after yesterday) I sat in the car to mount the new radio on my dash and wire it nicely. With the car clean and organized, camp picked up, I showered and headed into town.

A gentleman I’d met on 2m simplex the night before had recommend a good local restaurant: Smollix. Amazing good food. I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered the smallest sandwich in the menu, a Po’boy. Then watched the cook (subway style) load the bun with several ounces each of smoked sausage, pulled pork, and brisket with just a bit of bbq sauce spread in the bun, and a few pickles and onions. That was at three o’clock. I’m still full, skipping dinner.

After lunch, it was time to finish cleaning the car with a quick google for a local car wash I drive across town and gave her a good bath, with the foam brush and the spray/rinse wax. While doing it, I kept wondering if this would be the last salt my car might see?

I’ve commented a lot lately in the quality of Texas roads, they are nice, highways as smooth as can be, speed limits up to eighty-five with lots of straightaways. And also, there is Mary Street. Not even a dirt road really. This is the kind of road Cindy Eby would like. Cheap, yet effective. See Mary Street pictured at the top.

Another stop at H.E.B. for another package of steaks for dinner (that I’m skipping) and I was back to my site. Coming back into the campground, I chatted with the gate attendant, one I hadn’t met yet and I took the opportunity to ask about firewood. I live fire, but not with the five dollar bundles you can buy at gas station. The attendant, I found actually the Camp Host, didn’t know of a current vendor, yet offered to bring me some from the park supply.

So here I sit, tired, full, and warming on a cool night next to a small fire. Good day. I think tomorrow may start with a steak and egg breakfast.. hmm, maybe that will get me out of the tent faster?

Time to rest.

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