It’s late, I’m in bed and I’m sore. I can do sit-ups and side bends and and lifts in all directions. Squats, yep that too.

Lazy day, very nice. Sleeping early last night, slept for the whole ocean time, then lounged in bed even more. Soulless was quiet so I figured if there was a mess it would still be waiting. By time I got down there, shit.

I said nothing except “good boy” and “good morning” as we went outside to pee (him,) and played and went inside and played and had no accidents in the house. I got a fresh blanket and cleaned his kennel, then needed a shower myself. Not quite with the idea yet, I wanted him to come into the bathroom while I showered, mostly so he gets used to going where I go, and doing him what I tell him to do (he really likes it, and is getting very good at “come”.)

I tried to get him to carry his bone up the steps, yet maybe next time. The door closed, yet was a bit curious with the new room, and bored by time I finished brushing my teeth as he laid on the mat and gnawed his teething bone. Turning myself to open and start the shower, his focus followed me and he noticed the water. Squatting down over him I spilled him thoroughly with affection then started patted my hand on the bottom of the shower splashing him slightly- slightly spooked I followed with some wet rubs as I acclimated him. Curious, I let the water drip down my hands so he could lick and taste it. “Water”, he already knows that word too.

Before long he was frolicking around chasing my hand inside the shower, and I followed with his “come” signal (I like silent commands.) He looked up at me to confirm, then jumped into the shower for a few seconds, startled again by the ‘rain’ (lukewarm,) and jumped out. Smothered with pets and “good boys” we kept playing, him jumping in and out chasing my hand, and me rubbing him down with the water anytime he was in and under him.

Tired of this odd game, he came out, sat firm and stopped responding to my hand taunts, with a quick shiver, he let me know he’d had enough. I quick finished getting him wiped down with my hand and dried off with a towel, which he then laid down on. A bit surprised when I stood and stepped into the shower myself, he stood and followed up to the threshold. It didn’t take long and he was back in at my feet (I’d heated up the water a bit more for myself.) He got out first and sat on the mat sopping wet and shivering until I reached out and dropped the towel onto him from the hook. He entertained himself until I was done. Dressing took a while- him being curious about my bedroom and me over cautious about no accidents led to several rapid trips downstairs. He has quickly learned when he is told he is going outside, he is going outside now, with or without my assistance, and my reactions vary, precisely.

We worked on “drop-it” and “come”, he is getting eager on his rebound to me. I think he looks like he’s getting bigger already, also bring less ‘shy’ and ‘babyish’, more comfortable and much less timid.

Lounging downstairs I was already tired and ready for a nap, and after all the playing I was sure he was too. One more trip outside for him (he’s getting so good at peeing on demand, he’ll now fake it while making eye contact with me, then come back up the steps,) and I went upstairs to nap. Not willing to leave him alone unsupervised, I offered him s choice of his kennel or to follow me upstairs. He followed, to small to get into the bed (or my chair,) and reluctant to jump off, I helped him up. No playing allowed here, he quickly curled up.

I’m tired, two more parts.

Went to the neuro doctor for Botox at two forty. I asked questions like: did you know nerves can be entrapped? She did. This is the person who twice gave EMG tests on my perineal nerve.

I digress. Also saw the spine surgeon nurse. She asked if I wanted to cancel my surgery, I did jumping jacks, do you think I need it I asked? “It’s up to you if you want it.” She said.

No, it’s up to the doctor if I need it- maybe he read my MRI wrong and I don’t need surgery on my sacrum? Then I asked if she knew nerves could be entrapped and what the normal diagnostic process was to discover such and if it usually took 21 months?

I didn’t get many answers today, I did get Botox. My left side curly toes have been chemical weakened, they feel better, they relax more when I unsqueeze them.

Had errands to run after the doctor, came home first. No accidents. Wanted to do errands then a walk at a park with Soulless, road trip. Went potty outside and we were off. (I’d already cleaned out his side and had blanket down for him.)

At the first store I tied his leash to the emergency brake and rolled down both windows. Once he’s grown, he will have learned to stay and I feel will protect the car well- no one but I will enter with puppy kisses.

Oh, he’s getting very good at that too “kisses”, a few soft licks on my puckered lipped. I closed the door, gave him kisses and told him to stay- just like in his kennel. In the store, I took too long. I came out and he was in my seat and eager to see me (granted, he was leashed and tied,) and he had stayed, I was rest with a rest in my pocket. “Down” is a word he knows but doesn’t like, yet with some help he was back down on his blanket. Then I saw it. Road shit.

We did not go to the park. I was no joyful. Neither was he. I did not scold him, yet he could clearly tell I was no longer joyful on our road trip. He looked at the shit, looked at he, I looked at the shit and looked at him. We went home.

Later we went for a walk and tonight he discovered cricket hunting. At one point we were upstairs on the bed again. Whenever I tell him “no”, I touch his nose. When he stirs from a nap, I take him outside for potty. He fell asleep next to me, (and I observed his REM cycles,) then woke up, stood, stretched and sat looking at me. I asked “ready to go outside? Go potty?” He looked at me, raised his paw up and touched his nose then came and snuggled back down into my armpit. Twenty minutes later, he woke again and we did go outside.

He is smart. He’s very communicative for a soulless being.

Oh, Doctor G, my cardiologist, sent me a MyChart message. My echo yesterday was completely normal, that was nice.

Time to rest.

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