Month: May 2023

The heat is on.

 Jeromy  May 31, 2023  2 Comments on The heat is on.

Ninety degrees, almost. And it’s not dry. I can’t say I enjoyed every day as much as I could have in the desert, the biome…

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John’s Post

 Jeromy  May 31, 2023  1 Comment on John’s Post

My recently-ex-Facebook friend, Jodi, a local Jackson landlord, and my cousin posted a link to John‘s recent post on my wall yesterday, calling attention to…

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Can’t bicycle? Tri something

 Jeromy  May 30, 2023  1 Comment on Can’t bicycle? Tri something

It all comes together. Somehow, most days- no, all days, it all comes together. If some part didn’t come together, well it wasn’t meant to…

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point zero two five percent

 Jeromy  May 29, 2023  1 Comment on point zero two five percent

A lost decade, one of my own, just now. When I think about old age, I think to myself “you know, thirty or forty years…

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 Jeromy  May 28, 2023  0 Comments on Tesla

I used to like to say, when people asked about my job, that it had a lot of ups and downs. And it did and…

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Downward curves

 Jeromy  May 27, 2023  0 Comments on Downward curves

Not every day goes well, I know that and it’s not necessary. Of course I prefer the good days, the nice casual flowing days where…

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 Jeromy  May 26, 2023  1 Comment on Interview

Two point seven miles per hour. Only a mile and a quarter overall distance and there was a break in the minute that I paused…

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My inadequacies

 Jeromy  May 25, 2023  0 Comments on My inadequacies

Made the call and AT&T support wasn’t too bad, once I got the right department on the phone. Account and port numbers in hand, I…

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 Jeromy  May 24, 2023  1 Comment on Untitled

Six am, no. Seven am, too early. Eight thirty? That could work. I usually I grab my phone and start the day as soon as…

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It’s just like

 Jeromy  May 23, 2023  0 Comments on It’s just like

I need to get some better pictures. I told myself a few days ago that I didn’t want to publish any more posts without a…

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