point zero two five percent

A lost decade, one of my own, just now. When I think about old age, I think to myself “you know, thirty or forty years from now”. However, that places me (well, after my birthday,) from seventy five to eighty five. I was thinking of how to start this post and I started to wonder to wonder how many posts I would need to write before I accidentally plagiarized myself. How many unique thoughts can a person have?

So the math is easy right, three hundred and sixty five days in a year, times ten and add that zero to the end, carry the, you know, and bam! Ten to fifteen thousand posts, averaging fifteen hundred words each, I could end up writing almost sixteen and a half million words, or about two hundred and thirty books worth. Well, if I lived to eighty-five. The moment I added that conditional statement, my mind calculated (well, guesstimated,) the odd of that. Half a moment later, I thought I’d better do the math for two to three decades, rather than three to four.

And really.. and really.. two or three decades doesn’t actually seem like much.  I’ve done that much time before. I could double it up even, well.. well actually, now that I think about it, now with a salad a day, maybe that makes me healthy enough to push four or five more decades, ahh- okay, I don’t know. Maybe my organs and systems will start to go in two to three decades, then I’ve live four or five.

Okay, post started and now to answer my own question, even with another sixteen thousand four hundred and twenty five posts, I don’t think I could even duplicate one word for word. Not even in six hundred years, I’m just one monkey in a cage with a typewriter.

Now, if I wrote less words per day.. or really, if I broke it down and analyzed it, well then it’s just a matter of the granularity.  Take my whole life, for the most part every single day I’ve woken up, done stuff, gone to sleep. Probably about ninety nine (point eight to be more precise,) percent of those days match that mold. (Though, point zero two five percent of those days, I didn’t wake up at all while in a four day medically induced coma.) So how picky do I want to be.

Essentially, there couldn’t be an analog reproduction of post, word for word (or extended, I couldn’t duplicate a whole day, exactly,) though digitally, if I broke it down to finer level, eventually duplication is unavoidable. So there- hidden right there, how would I measure the level of coarseness required to achieve (or avoid) day to day duplication. Then chart it over time- then I could visually measure how unique my day was. Some days must certainly more unique than others.

I mean, not today. Today wasn’t very unique. Okay, a few standouts separate the day I guess. In random order (yeah.. yeah.. why do my posts need be chronological in order?)

–Pulled out my electronics components box, a whole bankers box stuffed full of capacitors, bread boards, microprocessors, sensors, switches galore. A few projects half completed that I thought of continuing and then thought it better to start some fresh projects, so I cleaned off the breadboard and just kinda spent and hour or two setting up that desk (the sit-down desk, same one I’ve had for years that has been pushed to the side in favor of the new stand-up de.. well, shelf) as an electronics working space. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dedicated space for breadboarding/prototyping circuits. Then again, I haven’t built a lot of circuits. (With computers, you’re really just plugging the parts together, not really making anything.)

–Spent way too much time on Facebook, and worse- the old Facebook.  After the bit with Phil the other day, I thought more about what might have riled him up.  Then I recalled how I’d talked about water a few days ago in my post and I had even made a comment about water (it is really good water,) on a friend’s post on that Facebook account. At the same time, I had done some ‘maintenance’ on my old political Facebook page, as I’m no longer “Jeromy Alexander, County Commissioner” I changed it to “Jeromy Alexander, Citizen” to be more accurate. While on the page, I posted the link to the post where I’d mentioned water. (Honestly, I did feel that I had some good points and quotes on that one.) And although Phil had commented on the previous post, the April Fools Day post, he might have just mis-clicked. Well, that’s the backstory, yet late last night then all morning today, a long line of commentary ensued. From water to landlords, it was an interesting discussion I suppose, and with a different state of mind, a much better state of mind, then when having the same type of discussions while elected or running for office. Eventually, I had to log off that account, I’m still just easing my way back into Jackson I guess.

–At a whole pizza for dinner. Skipped breakfast, the gallon of milk looked at me funny when I opened the fridge. That part is somewhat usual, even if the expiration date hasn’t passed, I have a hard time trusting milk once the gallon is half empty, if it’s down to quarter or under, I’m almost surely going to pour it out. A few extra Boosts for calories, yet by two I was still hungry and had no salad. I had so little energy I almost skipped lunch too. Drove over to Kroger for salad, Kombucha, and frozen pizza’s.  I don’t think I could ever go back to pizza rolls, but maybe pizza could work. I need quick easy shelf stable food that can be readily cooked on demand. I killed a pizza yesterday by not realizing I was about to take a nap when I put a pizza in, and tonight’s got a bit toasty when I ignored the beeper for a minute and I almost, almost took a picture. Yet, I just don’t want to go there- photography yes, but not food pictures at least not bad food pictures.

–Went to bed to sleep the earliest all year. I was up just after seven and as has been usual the last week or so I was downstairs and sipping tea by seven thirty. Watching something on TV, I started nodding off while sitting in my chair. First I thought, oh no, it’s going to be another long tiring day, then I thought.. or I could just go back to sleep. So I did and sleep til past ten. It’s kinda thrown off my mental time clock for the day, yet it’s a holiday so what’s it matter. (For that matter, what does it matter anyway. I could be keeping third shift hours in here and no one would ever know.. well, you know what I mean.)

So there in is, not a very unique feeling day, not very adventurous, yet four unique experiences. That sounds pretty human to me. Another day down, I’ve just gotta live until I die. Ten thousand days to go.

Time to rest.

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