The modern colosseum

These are the screenshots of a real conversation that occurred in USFunJumpers beginning on my birthday, 2023. These here are unedited, you may contact me and ask to have your name removed from other future publications.

There are over two hundred images in total in 12 separate ‘posts’ to the group, four were begun by me. They will be posted in reverse order, as I get time to post each set. This page will be the TOC for all the sets as they are processed and uploaded.


Colosseum – Round One – posted by Jeffery, 14 images.

Colosseum – Round Two – posted by Jeromy, 44 images, Facebook with Greg, 6 images.

Colosseum – Round Three – posted by Kian, 10 images.

Colosseum – Round Four – posted by James, 5 images.

Colosseum – Round Five – posted by Tracey, 9 images.

Colosseum – Round Six – posted by Jeromy, 31 images.

Colosseum – Round Seven – posted by Rich, 1 image, honorable mention.

Colosseum – Round Eight – posted by Jeromy, 17 images.

Colosseum – Round Nine – posted by Shaggio, 10 images.

Colosseum – Round Ten – posted by Anthony, 1 image, honorable mention.

Colosseum – Round Eleven – posted by Darren, 8 images.

Serious Jumpers – Round One point Five – posted by Jeromy, 7 images.

Colosseum – Round Twelve – posted by Jeromy, 69 images, the beginning.

Dozens more memes and comments were also posted by various authors.


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