I am a mirror

So are you. Part of being human, the interactive species. Does a bear shit in the woods? The next bear don’t care.

If a human shits in the woods, dammit, we care. Why did you shit in the woods? Were your pants on? Did you dig a hole? How deep was the hole? Did you cover it? Did you bury the toilet paper? Please tell us a story, how many times have you shit in the woods?

Communication used to be simple.  Grunt very loud.  The next person holds up a turkey leg. Grunt mad, now they show you a piece of pie. Grunt happy and it’s yours.

Now though, we have evolved as a species to want more life than food and pie. Yet, we still have to communicate in really, not much more than a series of trained grunts. So slow, so one at a time. My turn, your turn, my turn. Are we grunting to find out my needs? Then we will grunt to find out yours?

To communicate more effectively, our grunts have evolved to memes. Yet, this is still communication- in fact, a very advanced form. Don’t show me a turkey leg, show me an image of a man looking in a mirror.

“Is this what you mean by your grunt?”

This is not an accusation, it’s a question. It is an offer to sooth the request you’ve made. This is what we do, we communicate because we care. Sometimes the questions can be different, yet it is all still the same: suggested interpretations of my grunt. Show me picture of a blindfold bart with my number of jumps:

“Do you mean you need to smile and laugh?”

“Do you mean you’re have hard time admitting you suck?”

“Do you mean you don’t know you’re responsible for your jump?”

“Do you mean you really think someone tried to kill you?”

I have written this post today to thank the meme’ers, because I know they care.

They are human and they responded to my grunt.

Thank you, I could not have done this with out all of you on the side of humanity.

Thank you for being human, please do continue to use your powers of communication for the betterment of our sport. My story may be the exception, yet please do take a moment to consider me, before you first respond to the next guy [or girl] in the room.



Time to go.