Category I

I was Angry when,

Someone took away my altimeter.

I am not done,

I said.

I am a mirror.

I duplicate and

I return, sometimes

I do not understand

Someone’s actions towards me.

I saw him the same moment

I saw the arrow, he missed.

I wanted to kill him.

I knew I’d go to hell.

I know what hell is.

I gave up my God.

I did not care as long as

I could take him with me.

I thought he stayed to watch me die.

I thought he would wipe my child’s cry.

Someone took my bones that day, else

I might be in hell today:

I wanted to kill him in that moment.

I am sorry for what

I did that day.

I am sorry for what

I thought that day.

I checked the spot.

I jumped.

I died.


I am alive.

I can make this situation better.

I was wrong. The man

I saw watching me that moment was as close to true SkyGod as

I know exists. He told me on Valentine’s day, the day

I came back to the mecca.

He chased me down to the parking lot and gave me my first hundred dollar bill.

His prayer that moment, was priceless and

I am still here.

I thanked him.

He said

I had a story to tell. How

I survived:

I had passed the final category,

I practice my PLF’s every weekend and

I believe the final stage of learning, is to teach.

I learned something that day and

I am not done.

I am an AFF



Time to go.

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