What does that make you think of first? To me, I think of Finland, then usually to the two or three things that I think I know about the country (certainly reinforced by my repetitions of recall.) Cold, high taxes, high service, guaranteed minimum income, low infant mortality, Scandinavian-cold.

When those thoughts don’t seem to align with the concept being presented to me, my mind goes into a brief freefall- for just the most-split second- until I suppose my brain comes up with the next possible interpretation of the input I’ve received from elsewhere and I begin to also think back. Any aforementioned moot information foreshadowing? Such as, have I been watching a great movie that suddenly fades to that solitary input? Fin.

I have always loved watching movies and, they do help fill the time. BFC, I would mostly follow the algorithm and watch whatever pops up next. Often with my laptop on my lap and not giving my full attention to either. Same for watching TV really. Hundreds of episodes of dozens of shows committed to near memory as they droll on one after another. Each show allocated its own day of the week, season by season. Lately, I’ve been a bit more selective and have started more than I can think, then abandoned after twenty minutes. I’ve also picked out more texts that I’m slowly working through.

Thinking about classes for next year. There are many I’ve thought of taking for years, such as Spanish. However, I think I would want to talk to one of the teachers first, as I have no idea what level, at college, “Elementary Spanish I”. The “I” tells me it’s a good place to start… yet, the “elementary” could go either way. Maybe that implies I be able to speak as well as native pre-schooler or perhaps that I be fully fluent and this would teach me, to teach the language to elementary students?

Another class, has sparked my interest a bit more. Another that I never got a chance to take before in high school. Yet, as my only planned in-person core course, I think I may do well in it, Conceptual Physics. So far, that and four 7-week online writing classes (two for each half of the semester,) are on my plan for the Spring.

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