Month: February 2023


 Jeromy  February 28, 2023  0 Comments on Resting

Slept in til past eight thirty, suppose that’s what I get for staying up past twelve.  I wrote for over three hours. Which is odd,…

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 Jeromy  February 27, 2023  0 Comments on Shambles

Exhausted.  It seems like a while since I’ve had to use that word. Yet, here we are. I can’t say that I did very much…

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 Jeromy  February 26, 2023  0 Comments on Windy

It is nice to wake up inside.  Cozy in bed, fuzzy jammies on, I was able to get out of the bag and sit up…

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Dual sunset?

 Jeromy  February 25, 2023  0 Comments on Dual sunset?

Not every day do I wake up feeling positive. It’s been much better in the last four months than the four before, or the four…

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From here to there

 Jeromy  February 24, 2023  0 Comments on From here to there

Where does the end come I wonder? A few hours before this top featured photo my possessions were scattered around my car and site. The…

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Good paper.

 Jeromy  February 24, 2023  0 Comments on Good paper.

Not everyone can pick good toilet paper. I can’t very well, neither can my youngest son. For me at least, I always seem to buy…

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 Jeromy  February 23, 2023  0 Comments on Sunset

Three nights, three different campsites. Well, using the word liberally. The first night at Chosa, last night at the Brantly lake primitive camping, tonight in…

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 Jeromy  February 22, 2023  1 Comment on Caverns

When DC first mentioned caverns last month, a little smile rose up inside of me. You have caverns out here I asked? As a child…

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You gotta want it.

 Jeromy  February 22, 2023  0 Comments on You gotta want it.

I like to start with the title, yet, it could be so many things from “Made it”, “Arrived”, “Finally Free”, “Dispersed Camping, Night Zero”. It’s…

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A quick note

 Jeromy  February 21, 2023  0 Comments on A quick note

I got out of Jal! Big day, short story for now. I’ve made it to Carlsbad, found Walmart and have resupplied myself. Next is the…

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