Three nights, three different campsites. Well, using the word liberally. The first night at Chosa, last night at the Brantly lake primitive camping, tonight in the state park, yet only for a one day stay- at least in this site.

This park has about thirty five reservation based sites, and another twenty that are first come first served, I plan to jump into one of those sites in the morning for a more lengthy stay.

Not much to report today. I woke after a night in the car (with a mouse.) It bothered me a bit. I could hear him running from the trunk to the engine compartment, or maybe some of it was wind noises.

Wanting to rip the car apart, I thought first about where I wanted to do that. Somehow I decided an official site would be a good place. I booked the site, the first with my NM pass. One night still cost eight dollars, after the discount. (Four per night, plus four dollar reservation fee.) The extra four is only at this park; I’ll have to find some with the ten dollar fee (then free with the pass.)

As soon as I arrived to this site, I wanted to walk. The view is amazing yet, the ground was treacherous- I suppose I’ve never walked through a desert before. Rocks, loose and fixed, bedrock, little cactuses, desert grasses.

After a fifty feet I walked over to the groomed trail, a nice pea gravel walkway.. for a while. Down one hill, around another, and I am lost keep going down the second hill. Yet, I remembered something- I’d have to climb back up. My legs are still sore from yesterday. Only a mile and quarter for the interior cavern trail, yet that was some steep ground in there.

After the walk today, I had to rest. My legs were quivering by time I made it back. Once I got up again, I started on the car, it’s empty now.

No sign of the mouse now, yet his selection of my food choices interested me. My loaves of French bread, safe. Tortillas, safe. Cereal grain fruit bars, safe. Protein bars, safe. Everything in the fridge was safe as well. What did he choose? The one hundred percent whole wheat bread.. the one I eat the least.

Kinda makes me wonder what was wrong with the rest of it, if a mouse wouldn’t eat it?

Other than throwing out everything Tehran’s could have touched, not much more I can do other than get a breadbox I guess. I don’t mind so much if the little guy wants to tag along for the miles. Yet, if he wants to eat my food, he’ll have to learn to take it from my hand.

Oddly, now for the night he’s got the car (if he’s still in there) and I’m sleeping in the ground. I was going to sleep in the table, yet this site is covered with pea gravel. I could wait to lay down in it. Early dinner before sunset, then another walk, to the bathroom this time. My site is no longer so close to the bathroom, yet just another reason to walk a bit.

In the way back I got to watch the sunset; afterwards I thought, I should have photographed that, so just a few seconds, above I’d the after glow.

Cleaned up dinner and wanted nothing more than to just lay down and not have to get up again. Hence I assembled everything else I could want before sleep, my pipe, some tobacco, a beer, my laptop, etc..

Not even eight pm and I’m about to turn in.

Time to rest.

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