Mis(x)sed messages

Sometimes, you have stop and think to twice about something, often jumping to an incorrect conclusion whether a false positive or a missed positive, detecting the signal from the noise is an important skillset- of that many people would agree. We do have to focus on the proper things in life (do we, says a naturally chaotic part of me,) and in doing so, separate the things we allow to fall from our focus. At any given moment, then the next we must be ready for whatever may come at us, always hoping to be properly equipped.

What people may not agree on nearly so much is what the important things are in life that should be focused on. Some things, even some people’s agreement on obvious answers, such as our current environment and the people in it (though, certainly not a universal answer,) begins to break down quickly when pressed further for their thoughts on focus over time, how do they change there focus from working on present day problems to working on tomorrow’s problems, much less next month, year, etc.

Another trick of the brain in which the rTPJ plays a role, attention shifting. How much time should I spend on homework versus how much time should I spend on writing my own story?

Sidenote: Listening to classical music the last couple hours, Alexis knows everything. I’ve adjusted the volume several times, often to be low background music level, other times, such as now as I’m writing, it’s on level 5 (of 10.) Not sure if this is something I want to share with the teacher without actually sending other messages too. It does serve the purpose for background music just as well as anything else, perhaps better, as I don’t find myself singing along with the music distracting whatever part of my brain might be involved with verbal processing, allowing my mind to focus on the words at hand (ha!) while my heart dances to the music.

<Should I skip the morning?>

I missed details yesterday, during my second class my phone had rang several times. Showing a potential spam call, I did not excuse myself from class as I silenced my phone. No message, and a similar call minutes later, also ignored. Today, I called back again, planing to be home for the time to receive the call. Again the wait to call the number, to leave a message to be called back today, again- I say again twice because they did. The second time I explained I was in class and it was a SPAM number (I emphasized it.) She added me to the list and said they were busy, don’t expect anything in the next hour, yet it should be today.

Wanting to stay true to my word, I went out for lunch- a sandwich at Potbelly (and an Oreo Shake,) then a message. I kept my phone with me and gladly they did not call. I made it home and smoked a bowl and got comfortable in my chair. Minutes later the phone rang and I was able to complete my food benefit interview- now off their system since April (disowned by the State!) I’m glad for the rotation I pulled, as my interviewer was complete and I could tell he was following several sets of instructions.

When it came to changes, I had my college to report which he noted and responded I’d need a copy of some Federal eligibility form showing my 0 family contribution required, otherwise the process was simple- although we did have to go over the GoFundMe income from June several times. The call ended almost exactly at the 30 minute mark. Oddly, I got a call back from the same gentleman several hours later, just after five. After conferring with his supervisor, he had requested an outdated form. Rather, that I am disabled and a college student, I will qualify based on that- once my doctor fills out a form that is now in the mail to me. I will pick up a handicapped parking pass form from the SOS and drop both off to my doctor, once the first arrives.

I could have done more, yet I wanted to do something. I wrote a page long statement of intent for my Humanities cultural event that I will get to attend and document for class. I had one thought, yet by the end of my page I had talked myself out of it. One more class tomorrow and it’s still not due until Friday. I went to Psychology next and finished one of the two forum assignments. Now that he’s got the due dates all corrected, the workload doesn’t seem like much, even if it is three times as any other class. However, I’m not going to request all the other classes step up their game just because he’s assigning college volume work.

Another forum and two labs for the class due by the end of the week. Two writing papers now rolling around in my head (one paper comparing a common theme I will find among two movies in class, six pages of writing on the topic of learning writing through pre-writing assignments.) Between the two, and with the same- no, I won’t call him professor, he wouldn’t like that- both papers being graded by the same teacher, Mike.

Just Mike (there was a rant.) At one point last night, while standing in line to fill our popcorn buckets, I asked how old he was (my Masters degree teacher, just Mike,) and he asked for my guess, 28-32, 37. I slowly nodded and murmured “oh, getting there…” and there was no response. I told him I usually wouldn’t ask, yet I would never be able to guess him by common movie references with his repertoire of film knowledge.

With a letter from my doctor that is another $273 per month to my budget, college is getting easier- except for the parts that I make harder. Like the second paper for Mike. Film class, I think he’ll grade me like cake- actually based on how much I like horror, or can tolerate it for class, realistically though- two or three pages talking about a couple movies? It’ll be harder to follow the MLA format than anything else. For the second, now that I’ve gone ‘meta’, to write about writing, this will be interesting. When did teaching about writing begin, past the base teaching of word meanings?

Have there always been linguist (and grammar nazis?) How soon did language need rules? By time English came around, immediately is my guess. That is perhaps a whole other study. I think I will focus on teaching writing. Do pre-writing packets help?

That is a question to squeeze into the rest of the week, to keep thinking about (as I dream…)

Time to rest.

Okay, I did just say that, yet it is only ten oh two.

This morning I slept in. Yesterday, Heather said she wanted to stop by to bring me a surprise. I got that message in class as well and ignored it at the time. Confirming I had no classes today and would be here, she said she would bring it today. A few “GM” messages and she was here quicker than I thought.

Well, my stories I like to tell are good stories, or stories about myself that I need to share for some reason. This story I do not need to share other than to say it seems like some people carry problems around in garbage bags hoping for others to take care of them. When posed with a person that does not reciprocate as intended, they become dismal and down. I can say I was surprised, yet I won’t be again. Though brief, a fun chapter was had. I’ve done way too much work to take out the trash in my own life to start picking up someone else’s.

Looking forward to class in the morning, ten oh nine. Now on my third week, maybe I’ll spend my three hour Wednesday break on campus studying… I think that shall be the plan (hmm, wonder if I can burn one in my car…)

Okay, now it’s

Time to rest.


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