More homework

So glad to have my Vyvanse back today. Yesterday I had to take two naps to get through the day. Today, I was able to roll out of bed promptly and hit the shower (and take my first, now blue pill- 40mg versus the previous 30mg.) Downstairs in time to have breakfast, boil and steep my tea- even time to drink my tea. In fact, I had a few spare minutes. With all the naps yesterday, I was still in bed well before ten. I didn’t exactly sleep through the night, waking briefly just past four, half past six, then quarter after seven. Other than getting up to use the bathroom, I stayed in bed until the alarm went off at eight thirty. Ha, I still delayed a few minutes, yet there is a margin for that.

Being a few minutes early showed another gathering of students in the hall awaiting the teacher. Not too long, just a brief opportunity to chat with others. Once inside, I found my way up the right side of the room, sitting one row closer I believe- the room seems to have thinned a bit. For any student that didn’t want to be in this class, it isn’t one I would recommend for “fun”- looking for fun? Try Intro to Film. A few minutes to chat among the class with the professor, despite the diminishing language barrier as we all acclimate to each other, he has established an open rapport to challenging questions, whether about the course or his online administration of it. Setting a schedule of due dates does not seem to be his strong suit.

Straight home after class I did some reading for a while, yet I couldn’t stay comfortable while sitting. Else, I got up and used the standing desk for an hour or two, checking on and re-writing a few of the start-up scripts for the digipeater. After that it was already 4:30, well past time to get lunch. I certainly should go shopping, I think I mentioned that a few days ago- on the list for, maybe Saturday.

Burger King sounded good anyway (yet, I really need to create the budget I mentioned, I’m sure Burger King isn’t in in.) Headed over, went in and got a double Whopper with cheese and bacon. Ate there, disposed of the trash and went home. Smoked another bowl then started on homework. First, I found a cultural event to attend for Humanities class, the Hispanic Heritage Festival downtown this weekend! Ha, perfect timing for such a cultural event. Saturday Noon to 9:45.

With that now known, I wrote my 20230914_HUM_statement-of-intent Humanities before Burger King, then once I got back I wrote 20230914_PSY_module-2-reflection and 20230914_PSY_sensation-and-perception-lab for Psychology. The second paper technically wasn’t assigned yet, as he’s not teaching the material until next week… yet, I can read a slide show. So, I did that and completed the assignment a week early, as he’s got that due date set wrong in the online courseware. Sure, I could email him and tell him it’s wrong. He might fix it. I could ignore the missed due date, knowing he would fix that in the future, or I could just do the assignment that I knew I would eventually have to do.

One more paper to write each for Humanities (after I figure out a textbook access issue,) and Psychology, an art comparison piece and a Sleep and Dream Lab, due Sound. Follow that Monday with another group discussion forum post (and two replies,) related to sleep (I haven’t clicked or read past that title yet.) Oh, and of course, my week 3 fitness log due Sunday (which means another timed mile.)

And that’s it. How exciting is this day? For as much as I’m enjoying it, I am noticing that a new topic is dominating my content – college. Not that I mind so much (even if it amounts to a boring book or two.. ‘how I went to school’?) Really, I’m still somewhat in disbelief. Somehow, SMH, I shocked that I’m finally doing this- and after being practically forced into as the only way to save my home! With the news from DHS, I’m looking forward to the added food income, then figuring out a plan to make the student loan last until the next disbursement.

LOL, I see a new four month budget swing coming… this might work well, if I plan ahead with each disbursement. Then what? Allison asked me that Monday in class- What do I want to be?

Not homeless I suppose. Traveling with a budget- not on a budget. I think my next trip may be back to Texas, I saw a place in Waco I want to visit- a surfing wave pool. Learning to surf could be a lot of fun, then once learned on the wave pool, I can go check out my (then,) new skills on the gulf while camping on Mustang Island. Wow, that really sounds like something to look forward to at the end of the semester- I’ll have to budget for that.

Now, I’ve got time. A year with student loans while I earn my associates degree, I suppose I could go further if I needed more time (or decided it was worth the actual expense of college rather than the necessity to get access to loans for my room and board.) Hopefully, over the next two months or so I will have an amazing next phase of my recovery after the microdiscectomy and foraminotomy. Hopefully, else, I may plan to stay in physical school next semester as I find a opioid pain medication dose that will alleviate my pain and allow me function in a scheduled society.

Even three days a week at school is just barely enough to consider it a stable enough structure for me to ensure sobriety during medical drug use. Yet, much better with it than without it.

Tomorrow should also be informative, my first appointment- finally, after after twenty months- with Henry Ford’s Sports Medicine Department to discuss my long term options for recovery and rehabilitation with or without the use of a permanent brace or other orthopedic device to assist my ankle in walking.

I have no idea what solutions may be just around the corner. I just have to keep looking around the next corner.

Time to rest.


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