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Stepping stone

 Jeromy  March 14, 2023  0 Comments on Stepping stone

Rocks. Every where there are rocks. And stones, many square or rectangular. Somewhere I knew I would find the right one. Most are way to…

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Good paper.

 Jeromy  February 24, 2023  0 Comments on Good paper.

Not everyone can pick good toilet paper. I can’t very well, neither can my youngest son. For me at least, I always seem to buy…

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A quick note

 Jeromy  February 21, 2023  0 Comments on A quick note

I got out of Jal! Big day, short story for now. I’ve made it to Carlsbad, found Walmart and have resupplied myself. Next is the…

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 Jeromy  February 14, 2023  1 Comment on Jal

I know very little about this place. A man-made lake in the city, stocked with fish. Walking paths, basketball courts. I need a ball. It…

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 Jeromy  February 3, 2023  0 Comments on Incognito

What am I doing and why? A friend posed that set of questions to me Monday morning in a Facebook comment to Alternatively that I had…

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Got wood.

 Jeromy  January 31, 2023  1 Comment on Got wood.

Ran into some rangers at the restrooms this morning, after I did get up and begin the day. One saw the sign and said nothing…

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NY Strip business

 Jeromy  January 17, 2023  0 Comments on NY Strip business

From three feet away I saw two remaining packages of steaks and another man the same distance away with a better angle. No race, wouldn’t…

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The setup

 Jeromy  January 16, 2023  2 Comments on The setup

When you THINK before you speak some things are bound to fail the filter. That is the point of a filter. What are we supposed…

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Piston mummy bag

 Jeromy  January 5, 2023  2 Comments on Piston mummy bag

I was excited about today.  I really was.  I am.  It started earlier that I thought and at ten thirty am, I am already at…

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Tent space

 Jeromy  January 3, 2023  0 Comments on Tent space

I purchased a small tent. I didn’t want room to put stuff in it, as I don’t want to be in it much. Today, I…

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A day of rest.

 Jeromy  January 1, 2023  0 Comments on A day of rest.

I woke up warm. Just a little bit of planning was all it took. Well, and the extra time to change into the night time…

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Texas roads

 Jeromy  December 30, 2022  1 Comment on Texas roads

Not a long day; and actually, it went by quick. I didn’t do as much today as I thought I might, or should.. or could…

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