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The mouth

 Jeromy  December 19, 2023  0 Comments on The mouth

If you asked me a few days ago, I’m not quite sure what I would have said (other than what I have written here,) yet…

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 Jeromy  November 25, 2023  0 Comments on Gratitude

This would be far from the first time I’ve mentioned a meat lovers omelette from the BZB and apart from supersizing it (Candy’s answer to…

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Waking up

 Jeromy  October 10, 2023  0 Comments on Waking up

Eight days. I’ll skip the “I’m a bad blogger” line, this time.  This is the first time I’ve opened my laptop since I closed it…

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Rock: always ties or always wins?

 Jeromy  September 10, 2023  0 Comments on Rock: always ties or always wins?

It’s true, you can’t trust sometime just because it’s on the Internet, likewise I think, you shouldn’t not trust something just because it’s on the…

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An apology for Catholicism

 Jeromy  July 25, 2023  1 Comment on An apology for Catholicism

I know that I do not know you as well as I know Terra. I can only remember one really good conversation that we had…

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Environmental tracking

 Jeromy  July 13, 2023  0 Comments on Environmental tracking

I’m very happy so far with a $40 set of add-on bluetooth sensors for my local raspberry pi server. Altogether about a hundred dollars in…

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My two sons.

 Jeromy  July 13, 2023  0 Comments on My two sons.

As for the factual questions you’ve brought up (past, present, and future,) I must answer those in the blog or I’d split my thought process….

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So many questions

 Jeromy  July 12, 2023  0 Comments on So many questions

Following up on my post from last night, shortly after Chris reached out via messenger. A few interesting points as I re-read this today. “I…

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