So many questions

Following up on my post from last night, shortly after Chris reached out via messenger. A few interesting points as I re-read this today.

  1. “I posted plenty of comments that someone did delete.”
    I know I can’t delete other people’s comments and maybe the admins can, though I’m not sure about that, even then I don’t believe the admins selectively deleted Chris’s comments.
    Looking into this, I remembered Chris’s comment as familiar sounding and couldn’t find it in the logs of the US Fun Jumper conversation, however, I went looking and found one similar comment he had made on my post in the US Serious Jumpers group. I have now screenshotted and added that post and comments into the log. I don’t know if that accounts for “plenty” of comments, we’d have to ask him if he is missing any more.
  2. “I’ve never not tried to answer any of these questions.”
    However, un-answered questions there are… at the end of the conversation, he’s walked away.
  3. “No I wasn’t sure where he ended up.”
    Hmm.. this sounds like Chris knows where he started.
  4. “I’m not completely comfortable with you anymore.”
    From the beginning, I have asserted that I’m in search of the truth, even if I end up wrong, and have used my words to best express that.  It seems to be that he is uncomfortable with the Fact that I am recording every interaction and am using this evidence to hopefully uncover the truth.

One more step forward and still so many more questions to ask- and answer. He did point out on thing, I did miss answering his line of questions on the first post (that I found) that he asked them. I did know I had posted once into the other group (USSeriousJumpers is a similar group with a much smaller membership.) However, I did prioritize trying to keep up with the larger group.  Those questions (same/similar) were answered in the larger group.

Time to keep going…



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