Day: July 13, 2023

Happy Days

 Jeromy  July 13, 2023  0 Comments on Happy Days

Some days just seem to work out well. Today was one of those. I’m a getting a bit tired already, it’s 10:02 pm. I started…

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Environmental tracking

 Jeromy  July 13, 2023  0 Comments on Environmental tracking

I’m very happy so far with a $40 set of add-on bluetooth sensors for my local raspberry pi server. Altogether about a hundred dollars in…

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My two sons.

 Jeromy  July 13, 2023  0 Comments on My two sons.

As for the factual questions you’ve brought up (past, present, and future,) I must answer those in the blog or I’d split my thought process….

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One day closer

 Jeromy  July 13, 2023  0 Comments on One day closer

To the end of the next book. This is having a self-conscious effect, being aware of how many words I write. The first book is…

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