Second week

I went to sleep last, close to one, maybe two, or one thirty, I was exhausted and turned off the lights and turned on the ocean for the next eight hours. I did roll and hear the waves once or twice, yet most I just slept. I even woke and rolled after the ocean was off a couple of times while I again enjoyed the fact of no appointments for the day.

Now it’s 1244 p.m. and I just started writing, this will be short.

I walked next door for fresh milk and cereal today. In the back aisle for milk I excused myself around a young woman with a small boy a bit to big for the stroller he was in (was small lightweight stroller) as I opened the door and began looking for the freshest milk. Knowing that not everyone knows everything, I thought I’d share a bit and see if it was new to another person. Out loud I said “The 11th, what is today?” still looking at the milk, loud enough to be heard and quiet enough to be ignored.

“I don’t know.” was the response I heard over my shoulder and which point I saw the woman turning and reaching into her purse for her cell phone. Pausing for just a moment as she found it, read it, and looked at me to say “Today is the 9th”, I thanked her. Her attention pointed at me, she stepped forward closer to the milk. This milk expires in two days I said as I rotated and showed its expiration date. “No way” was her simple response as I half squatted and started examining the bottom row.

Initially just nodding my head, then adding: yeah, they only get their milk every week or two and seem to just rotate the older stuff to the top as long as it’s not expired. Continuing, and well timed I added: if you look on the bottom, sometimes towards the back, you can find the fresh stuff – as I turned, found, and pulled out a gallon not expiring until the 23rd.

No verbal response for several seconds as her mouth hung open in awe of the 12 day difference in expiration dates of two gallons of milk, separated by one shelf. Without saying it, I have a strong feeling she will examine the dates on the coming gallons of milk she will purchase for herself as as a parent. Walking away, I felt good that I felt I had helped a young ensure a more quality food supply for her son.

I ended up home all day, working on homework- working on my Psychology quiz at one point when Heather visited briefly, just stopping by why out on her errands- I liked that. Inspired so much afterward, I made list of errands I needed to do and went out running too – while also hoping to get home and back on track soon. That didn’t happen, not at all. I received an email from my attorney instead.

Logically, that may sound like the cart in front of the horse, yet once I received his email, I wanted to be quick (read, immediate) to respond so that I wouldn’t forget indefinitely. However, he had asked several deep and opened questions, the ended and restated it all asking for complete summary of the events. Maybe five hours later, maybe two or three thousand words later- and with the twenty or thirty thousand words I’ve written on the topic here (then of course, the exclusions and new things that I’ve learned since I last posted my list of 12 potential lawsuits here on my website, search and you can find them.)

Now, all typed out in a nice and linear story are six causes for civil action, one at least also criminal. Three in Florida, three in Michigan. With a two year deadline to file medical malpractice suits soon approaching, it’s time to figure out how many of my issues this attorney wants to take on and represent me in, else go and find my own (I’d rather not find a Florida lawyer on my own, and I’ve asked my attorney if he can do it for me and manage that communication and those cases with the same information I’d be providing him with the Michigan cases.)

So much to think about, and disability still too- that came up the other day when I describing my financial situation to Heather, she was shocked that I had not already receiving, nor had even applied for disability yet. Utterly shocked and quick to recommend the opposite. This is something that I feel I do need to start listening to. I’ll read through that tomorrow, and may post it here on the blog.

Still feeling good, yet with the short week, a ton of Psychology homework, and by comparison a ‘short’ feeling weekend, the increased activity time (and accompanying private time in thought generated by,) of having guest over several times this week- not to mention the exciting nature and conversational content of those visits, cooking a bit more, cleaning a bit more – I am exhausted, tired, up late, and behind on my homework schedule – and it’s only my second week of college!

Oh, did I mention I’m out of Vyvanse too- well, not out, I have one saved for Monday and that’s it, none for today or tomorrow. Tomorrow, more good sleep I hope (as I’m beginning a dream log for Pys class…) Also tomorrow, homework! I will not go down in week 2.

Time to rest.


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