Today was a good day, ever so slightly better than yesterday- not excelling in any single metric other than perhaps a feeling of ‘continuity’. A day when many threads came to wattle together to add to the pattern. A day with more characters and more people- not in gross number, but rather more of each person as they chose to share. Also, a day that leaves me with a variety of questions. First though, an admission about yesterday.

I wanted to walk in the evening. I had already done my morning walk and another one in the afternoon and as I laid on the floor playing with Soulless I asked if he wanted to go walk. He didn’t seem to want to go (he’s usually somewhat excited,) and rather emoted a ‘tired’ look and then I remembered we’d already fulfilled the quota- and yet still whether I needed to for a goal or a measure or not: I wanted to go for a walk. I just did it again tonight, in between the first sentence of this paragraph and the rest.

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, a milestone has been made, over and over again it seems for the last two months or so. Just yesterday I clocked twelve continuous minutes on the stationary bicycle, then afterward a lap of left high steps around the gym followed by two laps of ‘jogging’ around the gym. Now, I’m not going to argue or define or defend my use of that word, I would probably air quote the word in person. I can force myself side to side to some extent, but not to symmetrically absorb the impacts and provide a balanced power going forward.

It probably looks something like I’m about to stumble and fall yet keep catching myself all the way around the gym, twice. I almost think a rhythm developed in my left leg but it is still a collection of disjointed movements that beyond reason I still continue to have to convince myself are connected at all. It looks so bad that I think others continue to think I’m in pain- sort of ‘did you just get hurt’ pain. As I came back into the workout room I was ask if my workout were going well and if I was gaining strength. I could only answer that two weeks ago I likely wouldn’t been able to run around the gym at all whether I’d wanted to or not, much less consider a third lap.

Physical progress is now most certainly coming along, I could easily see a twelve minute mile by the end of this year. Six weeks to shave six minutes? Whew, that feels like a challenge. In the title, I referred (I thought,) to getting back to typing daily, however I must change the scope, or not. Perhaps this is another stair step realization of the importance of my own words. It is one thing


Hmm, okay. That is the nomenclature for a two day post.  I was going to finish last night of course, then I didn’t, so here we are.

Here. Yep, it’s Thursday morning PSY class. Roll call done, 8 students present, 25% attendance… three more walk in during the student presentations (included one that was scheduled to present.)





Okay, I found a way to avoid finishing a post.. and that quickly I began to abuse it.

Now, it is Monday and I’ve opened the laptop for Humanities class..

Let’s pay attention… then come back and post again later.


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