Month: April 2010

GoPro: The rest of the story

 Jeromy  April 28, 2010  0 Comments on GoPro: The rest of the story

After writing to the GoPro Company, they responded quickly to assist me. It wasn’t the resolution I was hoping for, but surely one that more…

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Dear GoPro Company,

 Jeromy  April 20, 2010  0 Comments on Dear GoPro Company,

I’m still loving my GoPro and each day I’m amazed at some of the videos I’ve been able to take with it as a skydiver….

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Hump Day Tracking Jump

 Jeromy  April 14, 2010  0 Comments on Hump Day Tracking Jump

Close your eyes.. and think skydiving.. What is in your mind? The airplane, often seen from a distance, but now so up close and personal….

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