GoPro: The rest of the story

After writing to the GoPro Company, they responded quickly to assist me. It wasn’t the resolution I was hoping for, but surely one that more than fair! Since, it could be argued that I did land on my head and broke the case myself.. so I have to buy a new one. But since, as many people will tell you, if it has been properly adhered, the 3M VHB two-sided tape should securely hold the mount and camera to nearly any mounting surface. Since the tape also failed, and the mount itself was also removed entirely, the company has graciously offered to supply me with a few extra mounts!

With the help few online calculators, I’ve estimated a force of the impact required to remove the 3M VHB tape was approximately 250psi – 15 times the amount required to crack a skull! So in general — don’t do anything to your GoPro camera, that you wouldn’t want to do to your neck!

In any case, since I first got my GoPro, I’ve been a huge fan. It’s a (relatively) cheap, well made, easy to use, small, point of view camera. It can handle the rigors of practically any extreme sport, in or out of the water! If you don’t have one yet, check them out and get yourself one (after consulting your local Instructors to see if you’re ready to fly with a camera). Word to the wise though, if you jump out of a plane and land on your head – it’s not covered under the warranty!

Hi Jeromy

Sorry to hear about your crash, it definitely does not sound like fun.

Unfortunately, an extreme crash such as this is not something that we can cover under warranty, so you will have to purchase the housing from our website. I will, however, send you out a couple of stick on mounts. Just specify which stick-on mount you want (flat or curved) and I will send you out three of them.

Let me know.

Many thanks,

GoPro Support

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