Ask a question!

Ask a question!

I know one thing for sure, if I wasn't me and I wandered across this website... I would lose about three weeks trying to catch up on this guys life just to be able to try to figure out what the heck is going on. At some point, I'd have a "WTF" moment and probably walk away. Later, I'd find myself thinking about it again and would probably come up with some grand hypothesis and I would just want to ask:

Has this guy every thought about _______________________?

Here is your chance, click the button and ask your question.

Also, as I coined the phrase, here is also the character name change policy:

Anyone that would like to change their name in the screenshots and the published copies of the books (my blog and the media on it will likely remain unchanged,) and all other publicly dispersed media going forward, need only submit a question and ask for their characters name to be changed in my ongoing story (if they’re even included going forward at all.)

For those that already used aliases, it was nice to see you all participating as well, you may also submit a request for a character name change and I may honor that request or not may, at my discretion only. Real names will be removed from all published media from that point forward, never past published media, obviously.

When sound of persons voice is unmistakeable, the name they use sometimes matters less. It’s the evolution of the story that interests me.