Jeromy Alexander
817 Cooper Street
Jackson, Michigan


After decades of self-employment in the IT industry with a skydiving hobby, I transitioned to a full-time career as a professional Skydive Instructor in 2018. On January 8, 2022, I was severely injured in a skydiving incident, and now with my recovery ‘complete’, I am no longer able to continue my work as a skydiving instructor. I am seeking a position where I can leverage my technological and communication skills and put myself into a new workplace.

Formal Education & Certificates
General Education Diploma, State of Michigan, 1997
12 of 60 credits for a General Studies Associate’s Degree, Jackson Community College

  • 4 credits – Writing Experience 1
  • 4 credits – Algebra 131
  • 4 credits – Logic

Certificate of Mensa Membership, 2009
Accelerated Free Fall Instructor Rating Course, 2011
Advanced Catechist Certificate, Diocese of Lansing, 2015
Accelerated Free Fall Instructor Rating Course, 2018
Currently enrolled for an Associates in the Arts Degree, Jackson College

Informal Education
Life has been my educator coupled with reflection and the ability to debrief past actions.

Dishwasher & Pizza maker (Home Town Pizza, Marco’s Pizza, Andy’s Pizza;)
Line cook, broiler chef (Finley’s, Lone Star Steakhouse, Hudson Grill;)
Management in hospitality and manufacturing (Hudson’s, R & H Grinding, Ponderosa;)
Technology Consulting (Windows & Linux support, network/servers, web/graphics;)
Director of Communications for a religious non-profit (St. John the Evangelist Parish;)
Elected and Appointed local government official (City of Jackson, County of Jackson;)
Skydiver with fifteen years in sport and over 2500 skydives (350+ Coach/AFF & 1200+ Video.)

Construction – general labor, wood working, home maintenance, painting, wallpaper, tiling.
Photography/Videography – freefall videography, sports, events, product, portraits.
Computers/IT – Linux/Windows desktop & servers; PHP/MySQL; Excel; photo/video editing.
Technology – Wired & Wireless networks; wiring; radio/telegraphy, A/V, cameras, CCTV.
Public Speaking – Leading, planning & delivering presentations; leading small/large groups.
Skydiving – Coach, AFF-I, tandem videography, FJC, packing classes, water training.


2023 – present
Linux server administrator. WordPress developer. Web content writer.

2021 – 2022 
County of Jackson, Michigan – Commissioner, District 7
I was appointed unanimously on 12/21/21, to fill the vacancy left by my previous opponent on the Jackson County Commission as he resigned to fill the role of Mayor of Jackson, for the duration of his term ending 12/31/2022.  Due to my health at the time, I took leave of the position on 11/15/2022 until I resumed my duties on 12/13/2022 pending a surgical appointment on 12/21/2022.  I represented over 13,000 constituents on Jackson’s South and East sides.

2018 – 2022
Skydive Tecumseh – AFF Instructor and Tandem Videographer
I am an experienced skydiver with 2586 skydives. I enjoy teaching First Jump courses, water training, packing classes and flying as an AFF Instructor and Tandem Videographer. As an independent contractor I work based on weather and demand, April through October.

2017 – 2021
City of Jackson, Michigan – Councilmember, Ward 3
I was elected on November 7, 2017 to serve on the City Council, representing nearly 4,000 constituents. In addition to participating in Council meetings and community events, I am available to my constituents by phone and email as needed until November 30, 2021.

2017 – 2021
Alexander Enterprises, LLC – Technology Consultant
I provided professional onsite computer, network, and server diagnostic and repair solutions; website design and hosting services; content writing and digital marketing services; product and portrait photography services; photo and video editing; and A/V system installations.

2013 – 2017
St. John Parish – Director of Communications & Liturgical Coordinator
I managed our parish website and Facebook page, oversaw the weekly print and email bulletins, and created multi-media content to publish and share. I performed a parish-wide geographical analysis of all parishioners and I managed a database of that information and used it to coordinate a year long series of “Fireside Chats” to help integrate our new Pastor.

I custom designed, installed, maintained numerous A/V systems for content display and using cameras for image magnification. I designed and installed several portable and permanent sound systems, including systems still in use at St. John and St. Mary’s Churches in Jackson.

As Liturgical Coordinator, I ensured all services in the church were adequately accommodated for in terms of the necessary planning, ordering, stocking, decorating, and staffing for each event and that each event followed the liturgical norms and was coordinated to pastor’s wishes.

Alexander Enterprises, LLC – Technology Consultant
I provided professional onsite computer, network, and server diagnostic and repair solutions; website design and hosting services; content writing and digital marketing services; product and portrait photography services; photo and video editing; and A/V system installations.

Bad Ideaz, LLC – PHP Developer
Created an online tandem skydive booking system named “RSVP” which included the ability for management to control “slots” available for bookings on a calendar, the ability for clients/guests to create their own booking within the set availability, and for those clients to be able to manage their “group” by adding more persons and be able to integrate their booking into a post shared on Facebook.  All frontend work was completed, I had just begun working on the backend when I left the position.  As my eldest son was expelled from public school in December of that year and I choose to homeschooling him for the following year to maintain his grade level.  My partner in the endeavor bought out my position in whole and continued the development of the backend and renamed the project.  It is now known across the skydiving world as Burble.

2003 – 2010
Alexander Enterprises, LLC – Technology Consultant
After managing at Ponderosa for a year, an extensive street reconstruction began on West Avenue and the restaurant dropped 85% of sales overnight; in a drastic re-staffing of our location, I volunteered to receive a layoff, enabling me to collect unemployment while I did the leg-work to properly establish my business. With a BNI networking group, this iteration was quite successful! Over a decade I served hundreds of clients – home users and businesses alike.

Over time, as my rates went up ($35/hr in 2003, $85/hr in 2012,) I worked with more businesses and on more critical projects. In addition to website design & hosting, I had also self-learned PHP & Mysql, and wrote and modified several complete Content Management Systems, before that phrase was coined and defined by WordPress and Drupal.

Using Linux, I’ve also designed numerous automated remote backup systems, synchronizing data offsite instantly. The largest drawback of being a small self-employed company was that there was only one of me. I most enjoyed the variety that I had in my work, until in the last year a single client began to monopolized all my time, again.

2002 – 2003
Ponderosa – Dining Room Manager
I was part a three person management team and directly supervised 35 front-of-the-house staff to include hiring, firing, training, scheduling, and assisting on a day-by-day basis to ensure our restaurant delivered a superior front of the house experience.

2000 – 2002
R & H Grinding Company – General Manager
A recently widowed new found owner of a centerless grinding shop initially contracted me for a new website, which quickly grew into a general consulting contract, then to a sales position, and finally the role as general manager, directly supervising eight full time machinist and several part time shop workings including bidding and negotiating contracts with our customers and suppliers.

1999 – 2000
Alexander Enterprises, LLC – Website Designer
In 1999 I founded my company, originally, as a ‘d.b.a.’ in Jackson County, Michigan, with the goal to provide professional website design and hosting services. With no experience and no client base, I found started a new business difficult – however, as I regularly did not get awarded web design contracts, I was routinely offered work fixing the computers in the offices of the companies I quoted.

The initial goal was changed to accept any work offered. Servers, desktops, networks, printers, telco/cable wiring, cctv, a/v.. At this time, I had no idea of the marketing required for a business, and never established a steady flow of work.

1994 – 1999
Various entry level positions in hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, and construction.

(For completion, I am going to try to add in all the ‘various’ positions below..)


June 1996 – August 1996
TAC Manufacturing
I made gear shifters.

January 1996 – June 1996
Finley’s – Line Cook
Trained to work as a line cook, later as a broiler chef.

December 1995
Meijer – East Michigan – Photo Lab Tech
Trained to work with customers, develop photos.

November 1995
McDonald’s East Michigan
I made hamburgers!

August 1995 – September 1995
Wade Shows Inc – Carnival Worker
Trained to teardown, assemble, and operate the Crazy Dance. Traveled to Escanaba Michigan, Tupelo Alabama, and Oklahoma City, OK.

June 1995 – August 1995
Virginia Coney Island – Dishwasher
I washed dishes in the restaurant below and enjoyed my first home in the apartments above.

June 2, 1995
Michner Plating
I worked four hours in a caustic environment.

March 1995
McDonald’s West Ave
I made hamburgers!

February 1995
Arbor Hills Country Club – Dishwasher
I washed dishes and was trained as a line cook.

January 1995
Andy’s Pizza – Pizza Maker
I made pizza’s and washed dishes.

September 1994 – December 1994
Marco’s Pizza – Pizza maker
I made pizza’s and sometime helped wash dishes.

July 1994 – August 1994
Big Boy Restaurant – Dish Washer
I washed dishes and bussed tables.

May 1994 – June 1994
Hometown Pizza
I washed dishes, broke down boxes, a lot of cheese boxes, and was trained to make pizza.