Month: August 2023

Almost done

 Jeromy  August 31, 2023  0 Comments on Almost done

In bed on time, and slept well, yet somewhat restless the last hour or so before the ocean song ended and the alarm went off….

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Government work

 Jeromy  August 29, 2023  0 Comments on Government work

I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I would. Tired from the day and writing, I ended up staying up for almost another two…

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Movie Night

 Jeromy  August 28, 2023  0 Comments on Movie Night

This was a big day. I was nervous and had more than a few doubts rolling around my mind. I was in bed slightly early…

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School night.

 Jeromy  August 28, 2023  0 Comments on School night.

Tomorrow I have to wake up and write an appeal, a reasoned answer, and an explanation for any past situations with performance issues. I expect…

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Never enough details.

 Jeromy  August 26, 2023  0 Comments on Never enough details.

A thousand words do not even begin to touch a snapshot in time; even if of the most barren landscape, the eye may always see…

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A newer model

 Jeromy  August 26, 2023  0 Comments on A newer model

This is what my car sees when it looks in the mirror. This is (kinda,) what I see when I look at my car. Except…

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Last days of summer

 Jeromy  August 25, 2023  0 Comments on Last days of summer

Do we need to wait until the equinox to declare it over? Sometimes, usually depending on the weather I’ve thought it could end early or…

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That’s a lot of bush.

 Jeromy  August 23, 2023  0 Comments on That’s a lot of bush.

Three days now, at least four or five hours worth of work, so far. What was I thinking? I’ve had issues with this bush in…

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Fighting fire

 Jeromy  August 22, 2023  1 Comment on Fighting fire

Wow, what a day. It was already feeling full when I wrote this morning and even then I forgot another big detail about yesterday, I…

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Details are important

 Jeromy  August 22, 2023  1 Comment on Details are important

Somewhat astounded, I do not think I’m writing enough- or perhaps I’m just not writing well enough. Every day I go back and read what…

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