Never enough details.

A thousand words do not even begin to touch a snapshot in time; even if of the most barren landscape, the eye may always see if it is open. The story of a snapshot that contains others could likely never actually be told outside of a roughly accurate caption. I’m on my fourth book, which altogether only covers the later half of my life, and combined represents a millionth or less of the words that would be needed to include the thoughts and feelings every every person in the above photograph or even a mere explanation of why they all decided to assemble together in this place last night.

I took the photo, glanced quickly at it and did not like it. I reached higher over my head (iPhone 14 camera,) adjusted my angle, and pressed the button again. I looked again, happy with the second shot, compared it to the first, then deleted the first, put the phone back in my pocket, and turned to fetch my cane where I had laid it up next to a stop sign to take the shot with both hands.

“Jeromy… Do you know my name?”

Looking to my left, a man not much older than myself was resting on a large planter. Oh, I knew his name- though I was much quicker with his last than his or his wife’s first names, and he was quick to fill in my gaps. Happy he was, that I did know his name (even if Google doesn’t need to know his name.) I mention this story briefly as I do not want to forget his suggestion and its twofold impact. Usually, when I’ve impressed upon others in a certain way, I’ve heard it said that I should become a priest.

In many circles, that is a nice thing to say to a man (or woman I suppose, if you’re talking about a priesthood outside of the Catholic Church,) so usually it is best to take the compliment that the sayer of if thinks nicely about yourself. Revealing of their thoughts and feelings are the words they choose to say, not likely very telling about your own thoughts and feelings- it’s important to remember that when you listen to other people talk about you.

My friend last night skipped that mere pleasantry and conveyed a more direct piece of information I thought; rather than obfuscate his thoughts and feelings, he exposed both to a point they focused and formed the next words he uttered: “Have you thought about being a Deacon? You’d be good at it.” Continuing the conversation we were already on with a few supporting statements as he and I are usually inclined, and also his comment was not in the form of an ultimatum- not phrased in a way of “becoming” or being something other than myself, but rather a suggestion of something I could also do.

In any case, there is five hundred words about yesterday, would have been a thousand had I mentioned his name, and a million if I would have had the time for a five-minute conversation with everyone else in the photo. Can you imagine the collective intelligence represented if you could ask a crowd of ten thousand people a series of questions on a given topic of your interest- and somehow organize your collective into a near-automated process of flawless communication?

The question in life isn’t if we- any of us, collectively or individually, know what the question of life (or answer,) is at any given point, but rather do we as humans have a way to communicate that concept to others in any meaningful way while not taking so long to do so as might allow the question (or the answer,) to change during the length of time required to communicate the previously correct question (or answer.)

We are not alone in our questions (or in the search for answers,) rather we all seem to be limited to some degree as to the number of others we are able to establish symbiotic effective co-answering relationships with. This is somewhat like people try on Facebook (and sometimes with the same results,) I’ve tried it before and it kind of works: the shoutout.

Hey people- I need _____ (brake pads, land survey, new dentist, help,) who’s got the hookup?

Have five hundred friends? Do you wish they would all get a “ding” so that they would all come and look at your question- then ignore it, unless they had an actual relevant answer? How well does this work for you? Is it an effective way to “ask the audience”?

Having a network of people that you can ask (and will answer,) for a variety of topics seems to be the best method I’ve found so far.

Okay, eight hundred words, I should talk about today.

Slept until almost noon. I remember asking Alexa for the time at six thirty and sometime after seven, and once I woke up and noticed the ocean was off before I fell back asleep. Coming downstairs, I did feel incredibly well-rested. I wanted to finish the tree and lawn today, not quite, but I made progress.

I wanted to fill up my gas tank so I wouldn’t get caught low next week- I’ll have at least three trips out to the college- I did get that done on my way back from Walmart. I’ve had a lot of Walmart walks this year, lots of grocery shopping, and shopping for various supplies. Today was a first for quite some time: school clothes shopping, for myself. Not too much, five freshly patterned button-up shirts and a large package of new undershirts.

No Vyvanse today, as late as I woke up so that is easy to explain my lack of motivation- I either dozed or took a nap or almost took a nap for an hour or two in my chair. Not much more today, it’s still early now, ten fifty-eight, I may go to sleep soon. One day of rest, then a full twelve-hour day at college: from 9 a.m. in the navigation center to get my sixth class added, then my classes for the day at 10, 1, 3, and 6. Then back on Tuesday to find the gym and squeeze in my first workout, if I can’t squeeze that into the gaps on Monday.

Wednesday will be slightly easier, the second day for my non-hybrid classes, 10 humanities and 3 writing experience, and an extracurricular activity too: Wednesday night bar pool leagues at 6 starting next week on the 6th. Thursday will perhaps be the easiest of my three days each week in class, with only a single class at 9:30 am, Intro to Psychology (yes, my third attempt- no more book, online only.)

Tomorrow, rest. Also, tomorrow, finish the tree and mow the lawn.

Time to rest.


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