As the cover photo, I included the current working design of my next tattoo, what do you think?

I tried something different this year, and I wrote unpublished which kind of felt like taking off.

In any case, I’m almost ready to resume my adventure in daily public writing and the hardest part will be trying to figure out how to write that first post back at the daily grind… Will I have to describe the length and smell of the sewer pipe I just climbed through or do I just mass publish the past posts and let people figure it out?

Maybe, I take the time to do it right, proofing and editing it with another person/entity first? Maybe, that would be a book people could learn from, not just be entertained.

For now, in case I then decide to go forward with fresh writing leaving the past where it lay, I wanted to be sure there was something of an emblem of the six months of missing time and hence there is this post, containing a poem I wrote, and even proofed and edited with my college writing professor in the early spring of 2024.

Though submitted, I did not win my first attempt at a poetry contest.

Also, today is the day I declare victory. I can sit in my chair, equally on both of the ‘bones’ of my butt, my legs out evenly on the ottoman before me, and my feet and knees of each leg are pointing away from each other in a perfect natural opposition.

My pelvis is symmetric, again.

Finally, after 30 months today, I can truly begin to work on my arch. The future is bright, another round of PT is scheduled to start at 2pm.

Yay, more PT 🙂




This afternoon, a soon coming delight.

Vapor into air, moistening the room.

Raw grains harvested, pressed out in their form,

Replenish the water, add the cheese goo.


Too late to start early, now will have to

[use white space well] always mellow and sway.

Soft targets and goals to be launched out,

Head fast to the next articulation.


     Express the idea seen this instant,

     See from afar and make near the distant.


The silver removed, a warm belly glow,

Satisfied by the action to follow.

Tinder in hand, do not blow it out now,

Steady they may go if the pace stays right.


     Chaos unleashes, the balance was discrete,

     Life on the edge: the long drop is concrete.


Revolutions and resolutions, dance

With thy grace, going just out of my sight.

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