Email: PSY recovery

Thank you for opening the assignments, I have submitted several more assignments.

My intention is to pass this class with at least a 2.0 gpa. Per that, I have sought a syllabus so that I might know what grading scale is being used (is a C grade a 70, 72, or 75%,) and if a final exam is to be expected to appear as no syllabus precludes or defines it.

In my current situation, if I then receive top marks for all assignments handed in at the moment and the two additional module reflections I’ll hand in shortly, I will have a 63.7% in the class, which is likely short of my goal on any scale. In that case, I would have two options, and you would also have one option in order to help me achieve a pathway to success.

I could complete three of the remaining six labs to the top of my ability and with those top marks added, I would then have a 72.1 percent (515.5/715)- a passing grade on a common scale of 72%. Else, in the same time I could upload all six labs with half the effort, aiming for half the points on each to achieve the same 72.1% percent.

A third option that you have, is that perhaps the undiscovered syllabus states there is an optional final exam for any students that wish to take it, worth three hundred points with 20 to 40 questions delivered in the same format as the online quizzes. In that case, if I scored at least a 92% on the exam, I would again result in a 72% overall for the class (731.5/1015.) In that case, I will still do one or two of the labs that appeal more to me, likely resulting in an even higher grade, potential a 3 or 4.0 if enough optional weight was given to the exam (400, 1000, 10,000!)

Perhaps any student could choose to not take it and have their current score in the class or wager as many points as they’d like (perhaps within a reasonable range set by you… 0-1000?)

As I know we share the goal of my success in your class and that I most value your thoughts, I ask what you would prefer? For me to submit three really good papers, six half-ass papers, or for you to provide me with an opportunity to ace an exam worth 300 points or more.

In all cases, I aim to show my proficiency in the course, that I have been sufficiently introduced to psychology, and that my final grade that you will submit for my record in the class in a 2.0 or greater, as you may feel is both indicative of my proficiency and reflective of my knowledge of the content at hand.

Attached, you may find my calculations.

Please guide me towards success.

Thank you,



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