Month: January 2023


 Jeromy  January 31, 2023  0 Comments on Moving

Altogether, it was easier than I thought. Actually it almost could have been easy if not for the cold. The weather kind of snuck up…

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Got wood.

 Jeromy  January 31, 2023  1 Comment on Got wood.

Ran into some rangers at the restrooms this morning, after I did get up and begin the day. One saw the sign and said nothing…

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Coming down

 Jeromy  January 30, 2023  0 Comments on Coming down

If this mission isn’t successful, nothing else matters, this is priority one Done.  Easier than I thought. Changed the belt too, just in case. I…

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Take off – January 30th

 Jeromy  January 30, 2023  0 Comments on Take off – January 30th

Sorted and compact, ready to travel. Power systems separated with a master shutoff for the car battery. Dual lithiums and three panels to power me…

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 Jeromy  January 29, 2023  1 Comment on Alternatively

I could go home; back to Michigan that is.  The house is there, chilling at a cool fifty five, yet it would be up to…

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Gone fishing

 Jeromy  January 28, 2023  0 Comments on Gone fishing

It was a good day to THINK and walk and talk. Cloudy, cool yet just warm enough all day through the sixties. Slept well and…

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 Jeromy  January 27, 2023  0 Comments on Pool

Slept in past the morning chill until almost eight am and stepped out of the tent feeling great.  Breakfast and a walk before a smoke….

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Four and a quarter

 Jeromy  January 26, 2023  0 Comments on Four and a quarter

If a photo says a thousand words, how many does a photo gallery say? What if I prefer a thousand words?  May they be better than…

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The sand castle

 Jeromy  January 25, 2023  1 Comment on The sand castle

Forty degrees last night and perfectly comfortable in the tent.  I’ve only been using the mummy bag, and my thinnest knit blanket to cover the…

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I’m sorry Debbie.

 Jeromy  January 24, 2023  0 Comments on I’m sorry Debbie.

Debbie was great.  I asked for what I wanted – right from the beginning. It was a lot and she’d never done it for someone…

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