Take off – January 30th

Sorted and compact, ready to travel. Power systems separated with a master shutoff for the car battery. Dual lithiums and three panels to power me always.

Today is Monday, it is cold (forty nine degrees) and cloudy. Alternator died last night, one lithium pulled into active duty to power the car. They need gas and electricity; the alternator generates the electricity, when it works.

This take off list is a short order; I’m nearly stuck out of juice. Monitored what I charged last night so I could post yet to also ensure I could fully power the car from the lithium for as long as I needed to.. hopefully just there and back to pick up the alternator and install it.

Yet, I’m taking everything I need.. a short list:

Spare battery installed and hood strapped down; check.

Watch YouTube video for alternator replacement; check.

Gather necessary tools in case can’t make it back to site; check.

Call and ensure part has arrived; check.

If this mission isn’t successful, nothing else matters, this is priority one.

Next, a twenty four hour tear down with a circus jump to figure out where to lay my head down Tuesday night, can be anywhere but here.

Finally.. should I stay or should I go? A day out of the park is all that is required.. then fourteen more days in Lake Corpus Christi State campground? Sounds good to me.

That’s it; let’s do it.

Time to drive.

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