Coming down

  • If this mission isn’t successful, nothing else matters, this is priority one

Done.  Easier than I thought. Changed the belt too, just in case. I would never have to tell a story about a failed used belt that I put on myself. Maybe an hour in the rain (eleven forty two, have to hurry). Remembered to pick up wiper switch that went out last week. After driving there in the rain..

  • Next, a twenty four hour tear down with a circus jump to figure out where to lay my head down Tuesday night, can be anywhere but here.

Half packed?  All the big heavy, important stuff is in the car (most important stuff usually is, some heavy/big stuff never got unloaded, the fridge, hf radio station, was never unpacked.) Also, I had forgotten that I had planned ahead and found a way to increase my capacity.  A new duffel bag. Just came today after I drove home from O’Reilly’s. Alternator done, lithium battery replaced, wiper switch in passenger seat. This would have been done other than the pool story. Long story, not now, played pool, found pie, she hits different.

Out by noon tomorrow.  Must hit ground running.  Mustang Island was.. fun.  Yet when I was a child.. Scouted a new place to the north, nearest I can find that will let me pitch a tent, comes with electric (no other option) thirty-seven per night. Mustang Hollow Campground. Booked two day.  As booked a series of days here at site fifty nine.

  • Finally.. should I stay or should I go? A day out of the park is all that is required.. then fourteen more days in Lake Corpus Christi State campground? Sounds good to me.

I have seen a few chains grow here, some good some less so.

eleven fifty five.

I have used one free visit to the gym, if I left Mathis (the hollow counts in an out-county way) I would be wasting two free visits.

I have found a do like to play pool, it hurts, yet its a new movement- and something about focus on the square feet of green gives way to nice dreams for me.  I went to play pool tonight I made time.

I wouldn’t have had time to cook, I usually don’t on jump days.  This afternoon, while I was packing, Mathew came down to invite me to dinner, he had gotten a propane flattop.

it worked out, after I cried this morning..

it rain

[stroke of twelve]

it was raining when I woke, I remembered the wiper switch, ordered in person and bought rain-x while there a few days ago? it’s been waiting for my pickup for a while. I did not want the day to start and I could not stop it then, as above, it worked out. It rained, it poured, and it worked out.  It worked out well.  I like to play pool in the town over.  That is also not how I planned my day to end.

What the fuck am I bitching about how my day ends?  With a burnt alternator or a piece of pie?  And no, pardon my euphemism, it’s not that.  Well, it not not that either.  Longer story, rhymes with Makayla.. for the novel or screen edition though, not to be told on the day by day here.. just daydreams playing on a green screen…  the fiction where “based on true life” earns its keep. Raspberry, mm, maybe strawberry pie, my lips have never tasted so sweet.

Published by deadline as it was just before my [stroke of twelve] indicator.. that is the publishing deadline, yet, I had to give some fullness of context to the last statement.. I couldn’t rest without some explanation. Now I can rest, twelve thirty four.

Time to rest.



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