Got wood.

Ran into some rangers at the restrooms this morning, after I did get up and begin the day.

One saw the sign and said nothing was reported. He said the last he knew the stall was locked and didn’t know there was a problem. I told a story, a very brief one, ending with, had I known where a plunger was, it could have been solved quicker than writing the Out of Order sign.

The second ranger was outside, he quickly explained the fisheries department were getting a new office space and they were tasked with moving/storing their office equipment the time being; else they had been there earlier… it was nine? maybe ten…

He, the second, looked at me as if I had a suit and tie on, and as if we were standing on the sixth (or fourteenth) floor of the Jackson County (or City Hall) building in Michigan, and as if he was reporting to my question with either Mike (or Jonathon) looking at him.

Keep in mind I don’t shower daily and hadn’t yet that day (today? yesterday? It’s one forty nine am I should be sleeping. Pie on my mind.) I brush my hair with my fingers much more than a comb (a look I think I pull off in camp life.) I use a spritz of axe when I go in nice places…. Ha. camp life… my life.

As always I thanked them for what they do. My adult friend and neighbor back then, Dale was a janitor when I grew up. No one gets paid enough to clean a public restroom.

After O’Reilly’s, after getting my Amazon package at the gate, I sat in my car deciding where to go next.

Those Rangers pulled up in their truck with a load of wood. Wood cannot be collected here, only bought for twenty a bag a Hoff’s.

I was looking at booking two more days here after the hollow. The first ranger was quickly out of the truck asking if I wanted free wood.

Nodding of course knowing I don’t know if I would be here the next night and knowing I can’t waste good wood and I can’t carry that much wood, I must stay? Must burn the wood?

It’s a good stack of wood; I’m booked here in site fifty nine, next departure date Friday the tenth at noon. (After vacating tomorrow noon for two days at the hollow.)

Campfires are always amazing. And free wood, I was really happy. The second ranger stood by the truck during the first rangers trip to the fire pit. I thanked him again.

He simple said they saw a stack of wood up there and thought of me. I thanked him again and we both grabbed an armful (as best I could) to help carry the rest. One last bucket of small kindling from the first to complete the firewood gift.

I should be resting.

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