PSY Homework

A quiz every Friday, the day after class and Forum posts and responses due on Monday, that sound reasonable. Oh, what, there are another six module reflections and fifteen labs and assignments throughout the semester as well? A great class yesterday, and yes a great course that I will love, yet homework still sucks.

Being that I’m caught up well into the future in Government, I’ve already completed my reading and forum post in Humanities, only two forum responses needed there now, my weekly fitness log is due for HPF (with a weekly timed mile,) pre-writing packet due for English (though likely, I will complete a full 1000-2000 word argumentative essay, in MLA format with citations, on why students should be able to test out of some materials.) And turn that in for the ‘pre-writing’ assignment on how to write an argumentative paper. Otherwise Film class on Monday that I’m really looking forward to, City Lights, another silent film, this one by Charlie Chaplin.

Oh, then were six more assignments for Psychology class (I am seriously rethinking about taking 5x Psy classes all in the same semester,) a quiz that I was planning on and I figured the reflection would hold off until next week, at um, the end of the module (two more slide shows for next week.) However, here we are. End of the second week and I’m complaining about the homework when I only have one out of six classes that is really ‘over-assigning’ in my opinion, it could be much, much worse.

Six classes may sound crazy, yet, lets not count Film class (a weekly movie night with practically no work other than discussion of the free movies, and popcorn we get at the Michigan Theater,) or the HPF Independent fitness class, as the only difference there is that I’m doing a weekly log before Sunday night of the exercises I’m already doing.

My timing for the quiz was poor. Pysch case uses the native Canvas (the school general courseware app,) application for its quizzes, for basic multiple choice quizzes, it works great. It does not have anywhere near the level of functionality of Inquizitive, the name I believe of the external app that the Government teacher uses for those quizzes. More to test the quiz interface than to allow it to test be, I began the quiz and found it was a 60 minute timed test and with then only two more tries remaining.

I went to work, only twenty questions and the first few were simple, the next few got harder, also, just about then the door opened and Heather came in. Maybe I should back up a little bit.

I slept well last night, late to bed after half sleeping while trying to type last night, I finally made it upstairs close to 2 a. m. Turned off the lights, closed the door, and set the ocean to play for eight hours. I slept until just past nine thirty and then reached for my phone and laid in bed for almost two hours- oh, it’s been a long week. Quarter til twelve I messaged Heather a “good morning” wondering how our plans would proceed for the day, I soon invited her out for breakfast, however as she wasn’t hungry, I ate at home myself.

Side note: I need to go shopping tomorrow, and do it well- it’s been a good two weeks, yet I can’t be skipping meals and snacks, I need to be able to eat right, so I need to do the shopping right (and the cycle of keeping clean dishes to eat with too…)

For better or for worse, the passion of her ideas contrasted with the strength of her follow through matches well with myself. The porch flower bed has bed on the list for seven years, it may stay there for another week. At the end of our messages, I was expecting a visit after she “got around” and the uncertain timeline matched my availability, I’ve been home all day.

Four or five questions, and minutes, into the quiz, the door opened behind me. Multitasking an knowing I had plenty of time, I focused on my guest for the next twenty-five minutes. Half way through and alarm went off indicating such and I was only up to the eighth question. Already aware of what I was working on, she allowed me some silence to finish as she sat in my chair and browsed her phone. Afterwards, I was showing her something or other on my laptop, during which I received a brief shoulder massage. Other things to do today, she couldn’t stay long yet again, it is a pleasure to have her company.

Not much else to speak of, hmm, skipped Vyvanse this morning, feeling pretty sleepy already now at 11:05. Tomorrow, a day made for homework. I did complete the quiz of course, even scored a 19 out of 20- 95% and although I could redo it- twice even- I decided to let that ride. Well, it’s only 11:11, maybe I’ll go try it one more time just to see how a redo works, I pretty sure my grade can’t go done. Though, it’s not worth much effort either. If I pass or fail the class, it will not be on the turn of 1 point, no matter what the weight of quizzes are.

So what else is new? How about a microdiscectomy and foraminotomy surgery that I’ll be getting, I learned yesterday. Some might not have to ask, yet I did, a few things. Like, can you say those words again (to the CNP, after the Doctor had gone,) and how do you spell them, which she gladly did slowly by syllable for me, then pointed to the location the words were already written on the paper work she was about to give me. Additionally, I am now finally- FINALLY- set up to see an AFO, an Ankle Foot Orthopedic doctor with the goal to be fitted for a permanent brace for my left foot. Although the boot does isolate my ankle from movement, it also seems to isolate it from my hearbeat, it’s own ability to cool itself and my brains ability to sense any more than a general numbness after the first ten or fifteen minutes of wearing it.

Then a discussion of drugs. Updating this CNP on my opioid history, we had a lengthly discussion about some of the alternatives available while she also gave me a realistic perspective of the effectiveness and availability of some of the options (lesser known drugs are generally more expensive.) Most likely, I will be put on Oxycodone again with my pain managed by them for up to three months at which point my ongoing care and medication would be assumed  by my primary.

From our conversations before and after the doctor himself coming in, the CNP later asked me “how I knew so much” (I had been speaking about my mind and how it has affected me and my consciousness.) I smiled and let out a quick “Ha!” as I told her I was a high school dropout with a GED. Her eye’s open wide at my statement, she responded that if she didn’t know better, she would have guessed me as a Psychology major. Then another “Ha!” as I told her about my presentation yesterday morning and more about my college enrollment.

Oh, what is a microdiscectomy and foraminotomy? The microdiscectomy is the tiny cut into my back near my S1/L5 disc to insert the next tools (a Dremel is what I guess in my mind,) to perform the foraminotomy which is basically reaming out the inside of the foramina (the hole or opening,) where my nerve passes out from the bone on it’s way down my leg. Their word “impinging”, basically means the nerve is rubbing on the bone (the nerve is just over 1/4 inch thick at the knee, probably thicker the pelvis,) as it comes through that hole. With whatever tool he has (maybe not a Dremel,) he’s going to fix the problem – hopefully.

Hmm, otherwise let’s see, sent in for my monthly Vyvanse renewal and asked for an increase up to 40mg from the starter dose of 30mg that I’m still on after eleven months. Then, I’ll need to add “Pickup Rx” to my list- or maybe my Calendar (so much more use out of that app lately!) for next week, almost out of Duloxetine as well. Only one more Vyvanse pill left as well, yet I’m saving that for Monday. With the AFO appointment coming Friday, now a week out then my first Botox appointment two weeks later, and my surgery a week after that.

Which, maybe that’s why I’m complaining about the Psychology homework. It’s not that I won’t like it or learn from it, rather that I’m going to have do it old-school style this weekend, no drugs.

Time to rest.

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