The Problem Paper

Oh, do the words still flow? Yes, that gift is still here, yet… Words have not been flowing.

Where to start? This morning? Okay, that can work for now. Well, maybe last night. Watched the last full movie in film class, a horror movie called “Nope”. For a horror movie (a genre I feel almost forced to have gained a new respect for,) it wasn’t so bad and it had more than a few redeeming features. Mostly a touch of reality with the characters reactions to seeing some pretty strange things: “Nope”.  Also a nice twist on a “UFO” (or are they UAP’s now?) when the flying saucer ended up not being an alien ship. For as much as it tried to do, and did some well, the story line was treacherous in the last act as they tried to tie up the story- and perhaps wrangle a giant flying stingray that controls and hides in clouds?  All together, a good (almost,) end to film class- a dozen or so movies that I would not have otherwise watched.

After the film I went straight home (as Soulless was home alone waiting for me,) then right upstairs to bed. An hour or so early, yet I figured I would watch some TV until it turned off at midnight (a nice automatic time-off feature on that TV,) which worked well enough until I couldn’t quite fall asleep and reached for my phone to scroll Facebook videos until 1:30am. Almost slept through til morning, yet was still up a few times to walk to the bathroom.

Woke up feeling well rested, then came downstairs to start the day. And here we are. I’ve got five thousands words of papers to write- and really, those are just two easy papers, mostly half written in my mind already. Sadly, rather than those words flowing from my fingers at this moment, I have another paper I’d like to write for another class. Not an assigned paper- rather, a paper to point out how invalid an assignment is.

Perhaps I’ve shy’d away from writing a bit, as it’s been hard to keep one part contained: my upcoming review on the teaching of American Nation Government at Jackson College. That self-assignment wants to write itself now, and as much as I want to acknowledge my words on that topic, I need to wait until the end. Perhaps I have something to learn still in that class- even if it wasn’t what I had signed up to learn. Yet, here we are.

What can I say? What should I say? Which is the better question?

Okay, I stretched my fingers… now, Hispanic Culture… or The Problem Paper… or…

We’ll see.


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