Another Monday.

Yeah, beginning of week four, I think I’m getting the hang of my new routine. Certainly gives me a good reason to stick to a good nighttime routine too. I was up and out of bed promptly, and feeling good. As I was showering, and noticing how well my left leg and foot were working (my most treacherous terrain,) in there, I realized I hadn’t taken my pills yet- usually reaching for the Tylenol and muscle relaxer are the first thing I do.

Less pain, a bit more flexibility, yet somehow I still ending behind on time. By time I got downstairs, I had time for breakfast and to steep my tea, yet could only take a few sips of it before it was time to go.

Coming out of the elevator onto the second floor of the James McDivitt building, I looked to my left and saw several students sitting. Slowly walking that way, I looked and said to the nearest student that I was about to stop showing up on time. Laughing, she nodded her agreement and we launched into a brief conversation while we waiting for our teacher to arrive.

A good humanities class, mostly lecture and discussion and I suppose now, that it was less noteworthy than my next stop. On Mondays with three daytime classes on campus (10, 1, & 3,) I stay there and eat lunch in the cafeteria- only three times so far, yet I am really starting to enjoy their salad bar setup. Each day a different main course (last week a baked potato, this week a pile of rice and choice chicken or pork,) followed by your choice of toppings from the same ever-present toppings bar, subway style.

However, before lunch, I had business to take care of. In the upstairs of the Potter Center (also, the same building as the cafeteria,) I visited the business office looking for a someone that could complete my DHS college verification form. A few minutes of conversation and I walked out with the form completed and signed. Next, another similar form for my doctor tomorrow (and I need to stop at the SOS for the permanent handicapped form,) and if all goes well, my DHS case should be approved in short order.

Oh and that handicapped plate will be so nice at the college- there is always an empty front row of handicapped parking available every day, as I circle the lot looking for the nearest open spot.

Lunch, government, then out to my car to wait 45 minutes for the last class (not that I minded sitting in there and playing learning with my new radio.) Then back in for English.

English has been a good class, a small class and I enjoyed both the teacher and my classmates. Being a smaller group, it seems to allow easy and open conversations. Also, the teacher’s previous experiences with the majority of my classmates from last semester seems to lend to his rapport.

Released from class just a touch early, I headed straight home for a bowl. Not feeling well today- well, feeling well, just also with a bit of the snuffles and a running nose. I started to get congested last night, yet I had thought it had cleared up after my shower this morning and made the choice to proceed with my day. I suppose I got through it- and did my best to muffle a cough or two, and a few sneezes in film class.

A good movie tonight- Rear View. An older Alfred Hitchcock movie, it had a slower pace yet was full of minute details which all combined into a well played, suspenseful movie. With more than a few contemplative elements- to directly question the ethics of the central premise of the movie, from within the movie- that seemed to keep my mind alert as I scanned for inferential details.

A decent breakfast, a good lunch… then a pint of ice cream while I was home, followed with a bucket of popcorn. Okay, maybe I still need to work on the diet.

Short post; I need to go blow my nose.

Time to rest.

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