Nap lap

Woke up, went to doctors appointment, stopped for lunch, came home, skipped homework, played with dog, now typing the story, then bed. See, I could do this in one, maybe two hundred words a day. But then, would you know…

That shit happens? It is is true, after three good days, today there was shit in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. I’ve got to get better about these accidents, I do not like to clean shit.

On my third thrip to Detroit, I finally was able to connect with an AFO, ten minutes later I had a script for two new leg braces, to see which will fit/work best for me, one has ‘dorsal-flection assist’, I’m excited for the regular brace, carbon fiber, oh it looks so light compared my current walking boot.

Last night at the Michigan Theater, I found a comfortable position to watch the nights film, sitting just a little forward in the seat, I was able to perfectly prop my leg up, pressing the ball of my foot against the back of the armrest of the two empty seats in front of me. The backstopped allowed me to force my knee down, as far bowed back as I’ve gotten it yet. With the 90 minute movie, I was able to ride the edge of pain and just keep pushing it.

Though much more sore lately, I have been walk better, perhaps much better since that last good crack I wrote about. I think now maybe I slow rolled that, it may have been the milestone- if not, maybe today was.

Today, I kept working and stretching my calf, almost compulsively. I’ve seriously spent no less than three hours just standing or holding taunt in some position or another. Bending over, touching my toes, using my other hand to force my knee back farther and to still it’s trembling.

At some point, to took a break and sat. My left leg forming an obtuse angle, about 135 or so, I massaging and rubbing the knots in my calf. Applying pressure with both thumbs under my knee, I slowly slid them down pressing onto the thick cords of frozen muscles.

Poof. One little thread of muscle plopped out from under the pressure of my thumbs. As it squirted out to the side, the bottom of my foot and my smallest two toes began to tingle. I loosened and widened my grip and I tried to gentling relax the muscle. Just in the outside of my knee, I’ve already been able to feel the top of the rear bone (is that the tib or fib?) just under the skin.

Today it moved. Correction, today it was moving. I could grab the top of the bone under my skin and easily move it nearly half an inch side to side. No pain, more tingles. I put my foot up on the ottoman, my toes pulled as hard as they could pull up, and started to massage the calf from the ankle up, tracing up the bone with medium pressure.

Just past half way to my knee, it gave way. Not a pop, maybe a plop. Some bit of sinew felt pinched for a second, and the top of the secondary bone sunk deeper inside my knee.

Oh, tingle. Granted, I did slow roll the last one, I knew that was a good crack. This, this, OMG, I want to just say I’m healed. If my left leg and back feel this good and allow this much movement and strength over the next week (and/or improve more!?) I’ll probably cancel or at least postpone my surgery.

I can squat, I can feel the bottom of foot and calf- all high frequency tingles, overload. Almost burning in the calf, radiating downward pulsing through the bottoms of my toes. It’s somewhat discontenting.

I think I’m healed. Well, I think my leg is finally all fixed. I think next week I’ll be running. I think I’ll take two or three minutes off my mile time by Sunday.

How do I measure if my brain can walk a straight line yet?

Time to rest.

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