Fifteen minutes

It’s never gonna happen. In bed by midnight? It’s already 11:46. I’ll even say my typing quota is filled, I started at 10pm with this paper for Mike: 20230927_ENG_first_movie_paper. Perhaps, I should apologize for giving him a bit of shit about the pre-writing packet. Not to say that I needed, as I type linearly every night and for both his and my benefit, I sent him and additional email so that he would know the exact effort exerted. This paper took 90 minutes, start finish, done. The other paper… let’s see I spent an hour or less (start to finish,) on the 20230924_ENG_pre-writing-packet, then another hour or so writing the actual first draft 20230925_the_puppy_paper. So, 90 minutes my way and two hours his way (aka, likely best currently known method of instructing composition.) Which paper is better?

Okay stay on topic. 11:53.

Shit in the morning. Went to school, got home, no shit- was tired (not sleeping as much the last few nights, trying to get downstairs early and prevent shit.) Had time for a nap. Decided to take Soulless upstairs with me for a nap (after going outside,) since he was shitless for the class period.

Good English class and I was able to read another students paper- insightful on many levels. Got home, no shit. At dinner and had a good night. Ha.

While I showered this morning I tied clipped Soulless onto a rope out the back door. When I got out of the shower he was sounding to be let in from the front door.  Went to the pet store for more dog food and a chain. He picked out a new treat (a dried pig ear that is already gone.).

Details tomorrow? (Food aggression presented and instantly rectified in a calm, patient, and well learning manner- for both him and I.)

And the dog.  The dog.  He stole my keys again. I get out of my car slowly, I have to turn and get both legs out and placed, then stand up. Him, placed in sit/stay (he is learning so good,) in the passenger side while I exited, snatched the lanyard of my keys after I had pulled them from the ignition and placed them in my pocket. So slick, out of my pocket as I stood and deposited over onto the passenger side floorboard (remember, there is no seat there; he has a nice large space.)

Also, today I was running on less than 30%, at least my phone was. Guess when it died? As I was in the checkout line of the pet store, that’s fine… except, if I need to transfer money from one bank account to the other, then no bueno. God’s grace? You have no idea until you pull off a car antenna (good thing I have many,) to go on a fishing expedition through a fully closed windows.

Oh, I could tell stories about locking keys in cars. Stories. That’s why I always- ALWAYS check for my keys after I’m standing. I’ve just never thought my passenger would pick pocket me from behind just to get us stranded at a pet store. Just didn’t see that coming. He’s smart. He’s already got a good, semi-working, knowledge of sit, stay, and come and he knows his name.

Okay, it’s twelve thirty. I blew it. Tomorrow- in bed by midnight.

At the store (after I was already enthralled and had solved the situation with the keys,) I went back inside to fetch my loving pooch (have I mention his mother was named Lovely?) I had them him inside secured on his leash, with a dried pigs ear and under the watch the one of the employees. Returning, he was still being very good. A few more minutes of exchange and thanks to the employees and then I freed the leash and went to pick up the pig ear to put it back into the bag of purchases.

Soulless was under the mistaken impression that the pig ear was his- he did pick it out and carry it all the way to the cashier, then earned it again once unwrapped with a perfect sit/stay. However, today he learned that even the things that are in his mouth are in fact, actually mine. I did take back my pig ear and since he seemed to want it so bad and that it was something that he is allowed to have, I used it immediately for several rounds of sit/stay then giving it back as an award. Just to wait a few seconds and tell him to drop it- while I took it again quickly (not too fast,) at the same time.

This all under the watch of the employees who were just as shocked as I was to witness his behavior; at the end of it, I told them we were still learning and that in addition to sit/stay we’d keep working on “drop it” too. Which we did all the car way home (mostly while I sat in the parking lot of Yogi’s to let my phone charge enough to turn on so that I could transfer funds within my bank.)

Hm.. what else. Well, not everything has to be written- as always, not everything can be. Where a line must be drawn, he who hold the pen draws it.

How’s this for an added comparison: my nightly writing, just about 65 minutes tonight for about 20 words, yet freeform. No topic specifically, no thesis, just another day in one humans life. I feel composed (ha, lately.)

Time to rest.

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