Checking the boxes.

In bed right on time and I slept until the ocean turned off at eight. Then, I slept more. Getting out of bed at ten, I felt well rested, though perhaps a bit more sore from the extra time in bed. I tried to sleep on my belly or laid out straight on my side, yet most mornings I awake curled up tightly, not quite in a fetal position, yet close. Into the bathroom I quickly reached for my muscle relaxer. After being out for the weekend, I missed it. For a moment, I debated on taking the Vyvanse, as late as it was, yet decided if I had too much energy late into the night, I’d just have to do my best to kill it will homework.

More than enough time to get ready and get downstairs. I could have been more productive, yet rather I watched few videos on YouTube, one nice on on Knot Theory (oh, the billions of unique knots there are,) then after the videos autoplayed a bit (I was up walking around while I listened,) and other decent video with some new analogues for basic electrical theory.

Soon the timer when off and I headed to Detroit, stopping to fill-up the car on the way to the highway. The drive there was easy, just over an hour or so and not much traffic. $2.00 for parking and I was able to park right on the street next to the facility – maybe a 40 foot walk. A quick check-in and I was invited to ride the elevator and wait in the 2nd floor lobby, proceeding I rode up, took a seat and began to wait.

A quiet office in the middle of Detroit, abundant posters of their support for the local teams. Only a few other patients. A nurse perhaps opened a door and called two names, myself and another younger woman. I thought it odd- in all my years, I do not think I’ve ever been called to the back of a doctor or dentists office at the same time with another patient. They call a name, a person follows them back. Not two names and two people, at the same time?

Yet, twice as effective. We all walked together down several hallways, the woman being deposited into room on the right, myself a room on the left. A bed, a chair, sink, a few cabinets. I took a seat and waited, after a while I took the opportunity to recline on the bed. Soon the same nurse came back in.

Very nice person, looking over her clipboard she asked me “So, what are you here for?”

Having grown tired of repeating my story ad nauseam, I simple said it’s a long story, perhaps inferring I’d wait for the doctor. A simple tilt of her head indicated she wanted to hear a bit of it. A quick run down of the 20 month run down with the path of doctors and referrals I’ve received to now be here at an AFO to get a permanent brace for my ankle. Continuing on, she interrupted me with a “okay, okay” and a brief wave of her hand.

The good news I was told is that I was in the right place. This is the department that will determine the type and fit of brace I need, or if I need a custom something or other, and prescribe it for me. Then, just to pick it up at the medical equipment provider. That sounds great I’d said. Of course, there was bad news, right office, wrong doctor. The doctors in Jackson setting up the referral and gotten me close, just not quite.

She quickly said “okay, then lets get you up out of here before you get a bill” as she led be back to the lobby to take a seat while she worked on my next referral, now that she knew what I needed- also, telling the another lady at the desk to pull my appointment for today and cancel it, so I wouldn’t be billed for seeing the wrong doctor.

A few extra minutes while she went to the back, then ended up calling the lady at the desk with instructions how to proceed, quoting with who, where and when to set my next appointment. Next week, I get to drive to Bloomfield Hills. However, I have a strong feeling that the next appointment will be on target. Then, another hour and some driving back home.

Really the drive went very well, just a touch of traffic on 94 as I got back on coming home then lightened past Ann Arbor. The drive was easy, yet the vibration on my ass was rough, once I got home I didn’t really have the energy to do much, and I didn’t. I don’t really talk (or type,) about my pain every day, yet it’s constant. Lately, the last month, maybe two months, it’s been getting worse.

I’ve been thinking about starting opioids again to treat it, thinking now that I’m in college I should have some structure to help moderate myself. However, with the upcoming surgery on 10/4, now is not a good time to increase my tolerance to them. Rather, I hope the brace will help once I get it and also that the surgery may be long-term effective in solving my pain, and wishfully, restoring function to my foot.

TV and smoked, then started to think about how I was going to try to tire out my brain tonight- it worked. Starting just past 6:30 pm, I finished the last six government quizzes for the semester. Now with all the homework done, my grade is standing at a 60% in that class, pending a 5 point assignment that has not been assigned yet, and the 75 point value of the workbook/journal that accompanies the class for the remaining 40%. Good to have all the work done for one class, now just five more to go.

There, such an interesting day, just barely 1000 words.

Time to rest.


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