Habits. A lot comes down to having good habits and good routines. Writing must be one of those for me. I certainly had a flow going, yet without looking back, I think that seemed to drop off about the time I got the puppy. Mostly just a correlation that, however, the pup does take up a lot of time. Not in a bad way at all, it just takes time to do the things with the pup that I like to do. Probably 30 minutes or more per day on average walking. At least an hour a day playing- if not way more, as he never seems to get enough.

Like right now, I’ve been home for twenty minutes and he still wants to play. Usually, he’d be winding down for sleep by now, yet I think he slept the entire time I was out at the movies (Caroline tonight with class,) so that he would have his energy up when I got home- it worked. Overall, things have been working out very well with the pup. I would say I wish I would have gotten him a long time ago, yet he wasn’t born a long time ago. I’m glad I got him exactly when I did, it couldn’t have worked out any other way.

The routine broke down early this month- a big step forward hurt bad enough to knock me down. Now on my third dose and increase of oxycodone, it should be the last. For most of the weekend, I’ve taken enough Oxy to stop ‘guarding’ my muscles and essentially, walk normally (or at least really close,) for the first time in almost two years. It feels weird. Firstly, I have to almost squat (as it feels,) to keep my left hip level with my right hip and it feels awkward to pull my left leg forward so close to the right leg that I feel them rub against each other. However, taking small tight steps works almost perfectly. Pushing down and out with strength through my calf as I extend my left leg forward to meet the ground ahead of me. It feels good when I can conjure up a rhythm. At its best, I’ve almost been able to use the “heel, toe, heel, toe” chant from many years ago. Though not visible yet, I’m almost able to walk on my heels.

Today was Monday and it’s ended up pretty well. With the change over on my meds I was feeling pretty exhausted today, so shortly after 1 while I was in Government class I emailed Mike and let him know I’d be missing 3 pm/132. Then, I ended up heading home after Gov to check on Soulless and to take a nap myself – and quite glad I am, I almost fell asleep in the movie anyway! A quick nap, then another walk, about 3/4 of a mile that time. I’m definitely starting to get some more miles put on the leg and it is gaining strength quickly now. Last week I had 7.75 miles I think, this week I’m going to try to push up over ten miles.  Also, a week or two ago I started going out to the JC campus to get a few “formal” exercises in each week too. By grace, they have a nice stationary bike, and a “nu-step” recumbent stairstepper, just like I was able to use at the YMCA last year.

Just a minute behind for Humanities this morning, quickly crossed the room and walked up the right aisle to find my seat. A bit of conversation with Holly as she worked to get her computer booted and logged in, and then I quieted down for her to begin class. Separated into small groups, then given a reading assignment with questions… not much spontaneous discussion occurred. Usually, I drive home after humanities (10am to 11:27am,) as the next class isn’t until one pm, however, I had thought I heard the teacher say last week that she would be checking the progress on our journals this week, so I thought I should begin.  Rather than home, I headed over to the cafeteria and had a great quesadilla that completely satisfied me and provided me an additional hour from the savings on drive time. With that, I pulled out my laptop and my ‘Reflections Manual’ and started typing. A dozen or so vague questions each to be typed up with a paragraph or two.

At this point in the day (well, I was thinking then, yet now applies too,) the best part of the day was waiting in line for the quesadilla. Of all the odd coincidences, I saw Manny there (very odd, as this is the first time I’ve ever seen him outside of the Shamrock,) and he came over to say ‘hi’ and we chatting briefly as I passed on my condolences for John Wilson’s recent loss and then we both lamented and compared John’s numbers to the last race, to my previous races, and to Bill Jors- they all had 40 to 42%, I had 46%. Continuing, he told me he was considering running for the fifth ward, and I shared my plans for the 3rd Ward and the Mayor’s seat. As he walked away, the conversation was picked up by a beautiful blonde in line behind me- commenting how nice it was to hear us encouraging each other to run and compete for an office. A nice tangential conversation that went on until we were at the front of the lines. This was my first chance to use the “Are you student or staff” line as she appeared to be my age and she was. The conversation had tapered away as I left with my place, yet not before I discretely took a peek at her ring finger, which was occupied.

Reflections Manual complete, Government went by easily enough, then home for a nap and walk with Soulless, then Movie night to watch Coraline with class. The plot was absolutely not what I was expecting, it was also just barely enough to keep me awake.

No Vyvanse. No nicotine. No THC.

Just Oxycodone since Friday. My brain is happy, even if it doesn’t know why.  Oxy will be gone soon, sooner than I can ask the doctor for more… Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it’s going to be a long day. Home all day with the dog, no classes.

No nicotine does include a 0% flavored vape… right now my brain still thinks it has a payoff, yet it will figure it out soon.

Time to go.

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