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The bar

 Jeromy  January 19, 2023  1 Comment on The bar

It could have been taken out in August, in the same place with the same doctor as finally removed it in December, yet not with…

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Staple removal, campground style.

 Jeromy  January 6, 2023  1 Comment on Staple removal, campground style.

It is well past the time for a health care update. On 12/21/2022, Henry Ford allowed my surgery to proceed with my terms of consent,…

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A healthcare category post.

 Jeromy  December 10, 2022  0 Comments on A healthcare category post.

I have spent 4th grade through a month or so ago, my lifetime, learning to control my emotions and behavior. I wish I had the…

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A final bid for local surgery.

 Jeromy  December 9, 2022  0 Comments on A final bid for local surgery.

My biggest chain: a fourteen inch rod buried just under my skin hip to hip, anchored with two pedicle screws into the front edges of…

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A penultimate doctor visit.

 Jeromy  December 2, 2022  1 Comment on A penultimate doctor visit.

This was a big day for the journey! As my primary earthly goal at the moment is my own health; it is necessary that I…

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