Getting there

Slowly, I’m going to have to catch up on the backstory. A whole missing month- some people might begin to wonder…

I have missed nearly a month (or more?) of writing, yet I haven’t missed much of the story, maybe just abbreviated it a bit.

Obviously, I could never go back day for day, and well, honestly, I wouldn’t want to, that would be a lot of work, even if I could! Honestly, right now, I’m wondering if I can give a full account of just today.

I haven’t been sleeping well the last few days, I’ve been waking up throughout the night, each time asking Alexa what time it is (I was very surprised the first time when she told me it was just past 1 am.) By four am I was sure it was time to get out of bed, yet I was able to roll over again and sleep til almost 6. Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I got “up” at 6, rather just that I don’t recall sleeping after that. I’d reach for my phone, check the time, take a puff of my vape, and then try to roll back over.

Just past seven, I got up and it’s been a busy day since. Home all day, but nonstop busy. I’d already finished cleaning my bedroom and today I moved on to the living room.  Not really cleaning here, but rather reorganizing my desks and workspaces.  Conventionally, I had a standard desk with a nice 47″ screen and an extra 27″ inch screen above it. As we all may know, I rebuilt that this year to create a “standing desk.” And that was good, in general. In actual application, it felt tedious. It’s gone now… well, actually not. Today has been busy, moved the old regular desk back to where it was, then remounted the standing desk (it brackets to the wall, like a giant shelf,) where I’d had the writing desk before.

Simple right? Well not really, having to move all the stuff off of the desks (while keeping it organized, of course,) was a bit more effort- really as I type this now, I’m kind of thinking..

I’m too tired to be awake, typing, or anything else. Long day, now it’s over. Homework is done, the dog is sleeping, and the beer is mixing well with the oxycodone.

I actually want to type more, yet my eyes are blinking and my bed is calling. A part of this progression (speaking long term now,) is over. Maybe the whole ordeal is over. I used the massage gun to pulverize the back of my calf yesterday, and it seems to be working pretty gpppd ,p


Okay, I’m sorry, I keep trying, I keep nodding, I’m too tired to write- much too tired to compose, so I’ll go now. Cleaned house, walked dog, moved desks, finished homework, good day. Did some extra to make sure today would work out too!

Nodding off, past the point of being productive by far.

Time to go.

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