Rock: always ties or always wins?

It’s true, you can’t trust sometime just because it’s on the Internet, likewise I think, you shouldn’t not trust something just because it’s on the Internet either. Whether on the Internet or with another source, say you found a book or magazine laying around, you might pick up and read something, perhaps even be entertained and that doesn’t make it true or not true. What doesn’t? The two facts we would know, 1) that some wrote/said/published something and 2) you read it. That is not enough information yet, and whether the information you read was on the Internet or in a physical book isn’t enough either- probably.

The source does matter and depending what the source is, what the medium is, what the message is, even what the message isn’t may all contribute to the overall determination of authenticity of a communication. Once you’ve undergone a sufficient routine to make sure you’re interpreting an authentic message message from the source you trust- you still don’t know the truth of the message. Similarly, reading a religious text on the Internet doesn’t make it true, just like reading a printed manifesto also isn’t necessarily true or false.

Had to clear up some issues with the PSY homework; one lab the teacher had said would not be assigned until next week, the other required seven days data collection. At the end of class, he said would be extended some deadlines, and he did for the discussion groups (music & sleep,) and end of module refection, now due on the 14th and the 18th. However, he moved the two Lab assignments to be due on 9/9, now showing my 0 of 40 for the assignments and dropping my overall grade by 30%

Sidenote: I found a way for my computer to tell me the time. Every fifteen minutes, it just told me “It’s nine thirty.” It’s kind of nice, my opinion is still forming.

I noticed the due dates yesterday, yet I figured it was an error as the one was not assigned and other I’d just begun collecting the data, hence I ignored it. Today though, it entered the “0” for my score on the 20 point assignments, and it alarmed me. Giving it some time to self resolve I decided to write the teacher a brief email explaining the issues in my perception and my cause for alarm. Twenty-one minutes later, he assured me that my expectations of the due dates was correct (glad I’d written a thorough email for him to agree with.) I finished my second forum post response, walked a timed mile (24:20, my knee was completely stiff, otherwise an easy mile…) then finished and uploaded my fitness report. College week #2, done.

Guess what starts tomorrow? Uh, huh, college week number three. However, dare I say that I feel that I’m starting to get used to it? I wonder if the the government teacher tomorrow will say anything about me being over a month ahead of the ‘pacing chart’ online? Certainly she must receive notice of students completing quizzes and likely noticed my name four times on whatever day that had been.

I finally went upstairs close to two last night, how I promptly turn of the lights then put on light classical music rather than the ocean. I went to sleep just as quickly and felt like I slept really well. I did wake twice to fill the urinals, and by time I woke up at ten am, the ocean was playing again. I turned it off, took my pills and headed downstairs. Well rested, I sat down initially then quickly rose to make a bowl of cereal. While I was up and before I poured my milk, I also filled and set the water pot to boil. Next I began to eat while standing in the kitchen watching the water begin to. heat up. Torn for a moment, I went to sit while I ate.

Flicking on the TV as I sat, ready for the Scripps News morning updates, which seem to repeat until past eleven, I finished the bowl of cereal and was back standing at the pot before it finished boiling and flipped itself off. It’s an energy hog, can only be used (realistically,) with house power (when considering the size of solar systems I like,) however, in its case, it is boss. Filled with only enough for the next cup of tea it only takes mayday 2 to 3 minutes. Filled up to 1.5 liters, it takes of to eight to nine minutes; all at its only setting of 1500 watts of power- that’s 12.5 amps of 120v electrical power, enough to start some small engines, being used continuously until it detects the water is up to boiling temp, then it flicks off.

A few messages and even a few received videos from Heather (showing me the size of her lawn that she was at home mowing today,) and a tremendous feeling of an urge to curl up in my chair- I sat at got comfortable, yet resisted I curling. I had plenty of time until the next planned item on my calendar, a family reunion at 2:30. Being just barely twelve I went back upstairs to lay down. I’ve been presuming it’s just been the lack of Vyvance dragging me down this weekend, yet it could also be the second week of school doing the same.

I thought I was watching a clock, yet soon I heard knocking on my door and began to put on a pair of shorts. Going downstairs, it was Caveman at my door- a friend from my pool leagues- with a friend of his that he’d told me about. Not to interested, yet curious, his friend has three-wheel trike with an eight-horse engine sitting in the rear carriage. Sadly the pedals had been removed and the rear wheels were 24 instead of 26 inch I told his friend. We all sat and smoke for a while, and I realized it was a quarter til three. No reunion for me.

I as disappointed as perhaps I should have been. I’ll really try to make in next year (as I’ve also said for the last several years.) I’ve seen some family in the last year or two (beyond my sons,) yet very few and some did surprises me with their help- such as my Uncle Sam mowing my yard at the beginning of the grass growing season.

Oh, a gas pump malfunctioned today, forcing me to go inside the store on my errands. While there, a six-pack appealed to me. I told myself then, for later. By time I was putting them away in my fridge, I was thinking for when I finished my homework. Well, I’ve finished my homework, and now almost finished my third beer. Just past 11pm, I’m going to have to remember to mute my laptop in class, lest my clock inform everyone of the time. A good end to week two, up to par and beyond with my classes, and new classmates, gaining a new ‘friend’ in my personal life astounds me to some extent, yet that’s how it goes I guess.

I think I solved the breakfast issue for the morning. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and fresh milk, oh that will be eaten. Even with the extra large plate of leftover spaghetti and a pint of ice cream afterwards, I’m still considering pouring a bowl before bed. In any case, I will most certainly eat in the morning and leave promptly at 9:30 arriving to class five to ten minutes early- that would be ideal, any time before Holly has completed attendance would suffice, yet the plan is to arrive early. Especially if she arrives late again, I could get to know another classmate again.

Tomorrow is a full four-class Monday, and I’m glad I have a Vyvance to take or I’d be sleeping through the movie. Hopefully, I hear back from my doctor’s office and I am able to pickup my next prescription. At some point, I need to drop off the paperwork for my doctor to complete so that I can get a permanent handicapped parking placard or license plate. Same, I need my doctor to write a “No Work” letter for MI-DHHS, stating that I cannot work. I am looking forward to my AFO appointment on Friday, I am hoping this will be the end (or at least, the beginning of the end,) of the process to receive a lightweight and sturdy, permanent ankle brace. The boot I bought on Amazon is great, yet big and bulky- it does work and isolate my ankle.

Ahh, the image on my post. I saw this on the Internet today. Is is true? Is it true because it is on the Internet? Can it be true in spite of being on the Internet? Would it be more true if I printed it? I don’t think it’s very true at all- at least not the first third of it. With only rocks, I think there were very few ties. Certainly in the beginning, the selection of your rock was the only competitive element.

Four classes tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to them all, two weeks down, thirteen to go.

Time to rest.

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