Month: July 2023


 Jeromy  July 31, 2023  1 Comment on SOS

No one every tells the whole truth; it’s almost impossible. There just isn’t time. In some way, depending on the type of question you ask,…

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For the record:

 Jeromy  July 31, 2023  1 Comment on For the record:

After a Facebook post by mayor candidate John Wilson brought up a number of ethical issues and named several current members of the City of…

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Photos for sale!

 Jeromy  July 31, 2023  1 Comment on Photos for sale!

Although I am currently only pursuing photography as it entangles with my other goals, I do have a selection of my past photos for sale…

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Day of rest

 Jeromy  July 30, 2023  1 Comment on Day of rest

A great day. Accomplished nothing, except rest and a little bit of Facebook time. Devoted myself to a complete lack of productivity. Success. Time to…

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400 pages

 Jeromy  July 29, 2023  0 Comments on 400 pages

Yeah, a pretty good day. I was in bed at midnight. I have an Alexa dot in my bedroom. When I first got it I…

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New construction

 Jeromy  July 28, 2023  0 Comments on New construction

By time I did go to sleep last night, I slept well and even slept in until 9:30, but it wasn’t enough. I’ve just been…

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Intentional delay.

 Jeromy  July 27, 2023  0 Comments on Intentional delay.

In bed early means waking up early. Not too early, maybe five til seven. Then the usual routine until pills and in the shower at…

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Free from major error?

 Jeromy  July 26, 2023  0 Comments on Free from major error?

I am going to try to be quick tonight, I am pretty tired and would like to go to bed a little early, it’s nine…

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Slow and steady

 Jeromy  July 26, 2023  1 Comment on Slow and steady

Slowly, I am getting ahead. Each day I have great hopes, lately getting my first book published, and every day other things keep popping up….

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Local government and water bills

 Jeromy  July 25, 2023  1 Comment on Local government and water bills

Continuing on from the discussion that started with John Wilsons post, another local citizen (I presume,) had a few more questions, as I spend most…

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