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By time I did go to sleep last night, I slept well and even slept in until 9:30, but it wasn’t enough. I’ve just been groggy and tired all day. Coming downstairs my entire morning routine was thrown off, it was already past morning. I only had one big thing on my list today and I didn’t want to skip that, a trip to the SOS. Trying to resuscitate whatever was left of my routine, I went to make breakfast and found I would out of cereal. Okay, so a trip to the store would be needed first, then I could do the SOS while I was out.

By now, my routine was gone, I was hungry, tired and certainly didn’t want to go shopping and wait through the SOS before I could eat. Not sure now much time I lost in indecisiveness, finally I decided to go out to breakfast, a very rare treat. Yet, I didn’t have to think long about where to go. BZB is there to please. They’ve now added an “ultimate” option to the meat lovers omelette. The place was a little fuller than I expected so late in their day (I think they’re only open until one or two.) Yet plenty of seating in the back was available.

A new waitress since then last time I was in there. Well, I noticed a new waitress this time, she might have been there for a while- this is only the second time I think I’ve had BZB this year? I’m not the regular I once was. I don’t eat out much anymore (obviously,) and I’m sure prices have gone up all over the place, and they have here too. Just under $20 bucks for a full on breakfast food coma.

Driving away I wanted to go straight home and back to bed. I forced myself (barely,) to continue on to the SOS. Gladly, I suppose… I didn’t have to wait in line for hours, apparently they were already full for the day and had no more walk in appointments available. I digress before I begin. I now have an appointment for Monday at noon. So one more weekend with limited mobility, then? Well, at least I won’t have to worry about tags or even insurance for another six months.

Finally arriving back at home, I did as planned and went straight back to bed. Awake by 5:30 or so, I haven’t been productive at all the rest of the night. Didn’t even feel like making dinner, so a can of spaghetti was it. Not nearly as good as my spaghetti, yet that takes me an hour to make a batch (though, it does last two or three days.)

At some point, I decided to take a walk. I’ve just been inside too much lately- the temperatures haven’t helped. Really though, I’ve just been trying to protect my ankle and give it some rest. Just walking, stretching and exercising inside has let the swelling go down. Also, I’m back to using the left foot insert again. I’m not sure if my left leg is shorter, or if it is just that my left ankle isn’t fully articulating causing the shortness on that side. In any case, the extra height on the left forces my left leg to engage more, mostly through its spastic response I think. It was nice on my walk, coming down Ganson to see some of the new homes recently built (I’m just trying to appreciate the new construction, and trying not to think how much our Council wasted on it…)

My ankle is sore now, and my legs feel awful, awful in a ‘I know it’s good for me’ kind of way. They had been getting way too tight. I won’t walk tomorrow, I’m anxious to see how my ankle will feel in the morning. Maybe every other day will work though, I’ve got to push as much as I can. If more surgery ends up being not being possible, I have to see how far my self-PT can take me. Essentially, no matter what ‘errors’ have or haven’t happened, before and during this entire debacle, I am the only one accountable for the rest of my life.

More things to write… I had received a bill from the City of Jal Ambulance company, not much maybe $150 or something, yet from when I talked to Lacie at State Farm, she said I just needed to send it over to her to take care of. So sent the bill over then finally called them back yesterday to check to make sure it was done. Ends up they wanted a copy of the police report. So had to call over to Jal and get that sent. Now just to get that back over to State Farm. Lacie did mention that I might be able to some some reimbursement for the damages I incurred as well, maybe up to $3000. We’ll see how this goes.

Also, in the list of some ‘finished’ business, the County of Jackson completed their audit per my request, into the payroll issues I had brought to the light of my fellow Commissioners near the end of my term last year. I’m glad I was able to avoid legal fees by working directly with the administration. In the end, they have corrected their error an sent me a check, $154.00. (Getting rich over here.)

Okay, book tomorrow and Sunday, then my ‘work’ list on Monday.. I am really excited to see my book in print.

Time to rest.

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