Shaggy Wasn’t There

Here is a TOC for #ShaggyWasntThere

  1. My name is Jeromy on 1/8/22 I was at the mecca. I ate shit downwind and broke my femur/pelvis/spine/ribs/ankle. I hit my head hard enough to cause a TBI.
  2. First post to USFunJumpers:
  3. First post to USSeriousJumpers:
  4. My last blog post (2.5 hrs before he responded)
  5. Shaggy’s response (in the header image)
  6. Shaggy’s response, delineated:
  7. My apology (read slowly)
  8. Category I
  9. A recap of the confession:
  10. My debrief, to an AFFI
  11. Last few memories
  12. Putting together the final clue
  13. Dissection of Shaggy’s Response:
  14. My cover letter to the Sheriffs:
  15. Conversation with S&TA
  16. Conversation with DZO
  17. Conversation with Greg
  18. An example of an apology from an innocent person
  19. Cease & desist, my reply