Open letter to the USPA

The report of my incident has not yet been shared with me. I have not yet reached out. At this moment I make this request for public learning, I invite the USPA to send me MY incident report. Certainly in a situation where my Coach has refused to debrief my jump, I am entitled to all other information available.

USPA BOD: Please, anyone take the initiative and send my report me to at

A few notes on the new information I have from this interview below:

My son was not at the pond in a position to spectate my landing. He was on the load doing an H&P in the student landing area. (Has been independently confirmed and I have already debriefed my student and provided my report to my supervising Instructor, as I did use my Coach rating on that jump.)

There is no evidence whatsoever that would suggest that I am the ‘type’ of canopy pilot to do dangerous tricks to “impress your boy”. In fact, as an AFFI I have a very different model that I wish for him to have impressed upon him in the skydiving world: safety, respect, and trust.

For my swoop experience level, a downwind swoop would be a stupid and dangerous trick.

Therefore the proximate cause of the incident as determined by the investigating S&TA (Safety & Training Advisor) was not a plausible explanation nor investigated for truth in my opinion. Meaning the report might be this simple: Swooper, 2500 jumps, low turn.

At no point was my unique personhood taken into account, not one person asked “Why did Jeromy swoop downwind? He never does that.”

However, I believe they did figure that out and at some point someone called Shaggy.

I want to know who called Shaggy?

Why did you call and give him any information at all?



Time to go.

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