A panoramic view of the City of Jackson – 1881

It’s hard to pick a favorite anything, much less a favorite picture of someone or something that you love. Such as my children, I do have a favorite photo of each of them, yet, my choices have changed over the years, I seem to have come back to my favorites. So perhaps, I can pick favorites – it just takes a long time.

In my memories of Jackson, there are so many corners of this City that important to me, some obvious (Virginia Coney Island!) though most are just a memory from a walk in the past.  Maybe down the train tracks behind Trail Street, walking the trails through the old prison grounds (which according to one would be author, not me!, is actually a portal to hell,) or the track I ground through the snow walking from grandma’s house to Gorham street to go see that girl I liked who’s name I can’t remember (pretty blonde, 1997, come find me!)

With my job as a videographer in Napoleon, my favorite view of Jackson is certainly from above – how else could you see it all?  Here is one shot I took in the summer of 2020:

However, the details are hard to make out, even for a person from Jackson. Hence, my favorite image of Jackson, is back to being this panoramic view of the City. I have used this image extensively for various purposes, currently as my Facebook cover photo and even as the background of this website (at least as of December of 2022!)

With no further ado, here is the full size image (converted from its original TIFF format to a more common PNG format:)

That image is a lot to handle, if you’d like a smaller version, here is one sized to be a 4k monitor background (3840×2160)


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