Dinner at Cheddar’s

Though the car is still not ready yet, I do have some nice wheels for the weekend, as I’m starting to get tapped out on how much I can get done on the takeoff list without transportation – and well, yes, there is still a lot of sorting to do, however – all things in moderation right? And what is more important than work, family of course.

Part of this journey –

and I realized today that I need to write another page for this site, similar to the “About the Author” page at the top, to be “About the Journey”. I need to write that page I think.. well, just to be I know what this journey is and isn’t. Good things start with clear boundaries, shared definitions, and a common vocabulary to describe a concept, and perhaps be able to describe it best at it evolves

— is that I truly wonder what would have happened, if my January incident would have went ‘the other way’; yet somehow, I do not think it would not have changed much (will have to write more on this later!) Except that now almost a year later, I am most certainly not dead – and I am doing my best not to take my remaining days for granted. In any case, before I leave town, I want to make sure I visit all of my family that I have here one more time while I easily can.

Tonight I had the privilege of taking out my nephew and his wife for dinner. Not knowing Lansing well, they lead me to Cheddar’s – which was nice enough, great service and good food. Whether we got lucky by the time of day or perhaps the ambience is always so nice, yet the restaurant seemed just muted enough in the background to not interfere with conversation.

An hour or two at a dinner is not nearly enough to share every story that we each wanted to tell to each other and we did the best we could with the time we had. And Kaileen, if you are still reading – I did arrive safely at home tonight, so I may stop in to adjust to the lower insurance option now! Perhaps a short post tonight, but I don’t want to make up words- it was good long day of adventure. Time to rest.

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