Well, the car is still in the shop (though with good work being done, and now adding the A/C to the list!) and today I had an appointment in Lansing (more on that later,) and a tour of local bus routes was not going to work for the day’s adventure.

A quick google search and a phone call to the local office this morning routed me to a reservation line and a booking was made, with only needing to repeat some of the information a few times and I was told I’d be picked up at 2pm. After checking my email a few times (then forgetting about it) I never did get a confirmation email from them.

A short while later I did though get a call back from the local office, informing me they may not have a car for me in time, disappointed, I let them now I’d be happy in anything available, with some quick checking, they confirmed my 2pm pickup and pick me in the shuttle they did.

Oddly while I waited, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Jeromy A*** located in California. He had just received a confirmation in my name to his email address informing him of his impending car rental in Jackson, Michigan. Having called Enterprise himself to confirm to them quite the opposite, they assured him that someone in Jackson had ordered a rental and that no credit cards had been exchanged whatsoever and his email could be ignored.

Being a somewhat thorough person himself a quick google search easily resulted with my information, and hence, I received his call. He was somewhat shocked that I answered my phone, as I usually do, and help him I did. I assured him I had just ordered a rental and if he was patient, he could even read about it online tonight (see – I told you!). Nice guy, sadly I did not get to take his picture.

With a shuttle drop off at the door I arrived and came inside and began to wait, first in line for the next free of two agents, one on the phone, one with another client. Glancing around the room as I do, it took a second for me to see the first motion me forward to help me, while also telling me she was just on hold with another company.

I suppose most people would just hand over their credit card and drivers license with a polite smile and a nod to the weather, and wait impatiently for the person the process the transaction; yet I wouldn’t if I could help it all. A quick smile was returned in kind and her pleasant conversation continued as she completed her phone call while also looking up my reservation.

Naturally she asked for the occasion of my visit – where to start telling this story, today, this week, this month? With hopefully just a brief synopsis of my year, my roadtrip, my car, my journey.. hmm, did I say brief? Well, she was a very attentive listener and shared some of herself as well. She completely understood my love for my car, as her and her husband had previously owned a mustang themselves (well, hisself as the story turned out,) and it was a really amazing conversation to hear how they had been moved to come to Jackson just a couple years ago. So glad to hear how much you’re enjoying your journey.

So two days in a row, I was able to capture a photograph and a story!

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